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Chuck Recap: Episode Six, "Chuck vs. The Ex"

Chuck Rundown: Episode Six, "Chuck vs. The Ex"

On this week's Chuck, we finally meet Jill, the ex-girlfriend who toyed with Chuck's heart and ultimately left him for Bryce Larkin (a not-uncommon theme in Chuck's life). She's gorgeous, she's smart — you can tell by the glasses — and she's eager to catch up with Chuck. She's also tied up in this week's mission, which adds some urgency to their unexpected reunion. Ready to talk about it? Just


Jill reappears in Chuck's life just when he's caught himself thinking about her — specifically about the way things ended — while listening to "Jill Mix '03" on his iPhone. Their final moments together looked so painful that I was surprised it was a flashback and not a dream sequence, with Chuck insisting that he hadn't stolen tests and Jill's roommate hollering from the window that Jill was with Bryce now. So when Jill pops up, all sleek and professional and multiple-degreed, Chuck turns on the lying machine to make Jill think his life is awesome. You know, he owns a bunch of computer stores! He owns a hot, red convertible (that he can't figure out how to drive)! He's so popular at one fancy restaurant that everyone knows his name!

Thanks to an intrusion from Lester and Jeff, Jill figures out the lies and is none too keen on seeing Chuck again. But she still doesn't know the biggest truth of all: that he's actually working with the CIA, and their current mission involves investigating Jill's boss. Guy LeFleur turns out to be on the side of good, having researched and isolated a particular superbug, but he dies at the hands of a henchman who wants to use it for evil. What's more, the henchman is a CIA agent and Fulcrum member — so we're back to that. Meanwhile, the agent releases a superbug in a room full of conference-goers, and Chuck and Jill must team up to save their lives. Chuck deciding that swapping spit with Casey could save his life was hysterical, especially when Jill shows up in full Hazmat gear to tell him that's the dumbest thing she's ever heard.

The emotional stuff in this episode really worked for me: I believe that Chuck isn't over Jill and desperately wants her back, enough to bring that whole army of police officers with him when he finally tells the truth. And I suspect that this is going to be very hard for Sarah, as she sees what it might be like if Chuck could have an actual relationship with someone who has a whole history (and real name).

Some other thoughts:

  • Jeff is on fire these past few episodes! He's by far the best part of the Buy More CPR storyline, down to swallowing the pen cap so that everyone else can learn the Heimlich by watching him choke.
  • I wish there had been even more interaction between Captain Awesome and the Buy More staffers, but the scene with Morgan sneaking in to steal the test (and ending up with Ellie's panties underpants) is pretty classic on its own.
  • Chuck on buying a new suit: "I told you! Coupon!"
  • Casey's wig in the dinner scene is amazing.
  • "What's wrong with you?" Love these answers: "I drink too much." "My parents had impossible standards."
  • Naturally, Sarah had to wear glasses when she attempted to present a paper at the conference. It's the universal signal for smart.

So, Chuck and Jill are all lovey-dovey again. Good for him — but I'm suspicious of anyone involved with Bryce Larkin, so I'm not sure we know all there is to know about Jill yet. The next couple of weeks should be juicy. What did you think of this one?

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