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Chuck Series Finale Fan Review

Buzz Blabber: The Chuck Finale Divides Fans

Popular TV shows brought mixed emotions to commenters this week. From saying goodbye to Chuck to the new episodes of Grey's Anatomy and The Vampire Diaries, we pulled together some of your reactions to get the full scoop. It's time to get caught up on the talk of the town this week!

The end of Chuck brought mixed reviews

  • "I am satisfied with the episode in general, but as a finale not so much. Seems more like a season finale that begs for more. I think the producers left the door open for possible other projects with Chuck. I certainly hope so. Chuck was pretty much the few show I have been watching on NBC these days. Chuck is one of few bright spots in a sea of vampire shows and comedies." — txcheng
  • "Nope, it sucked as a finale. Very disappointed." — Miss Senorita
  • "I actually really liked the finale — the second half, at least. I feel like loose ends were tied up in a way that was not final (hopefully leaving it open for a movie/comic book series/web series/SOMETHING!) — Morgan and Alex together, Casey going after Gertrude (but not until he hugged Chuck like a brother!), Ellie and Awesome leaving to start the next chapter in their lives in Chicago, and Chuck and Sarah well on their way to being together again." — limelindsey

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Fans make predictions about the future of The Vampire Diaries

  • "Great episode, as usual! I hope the mother is worse than Klaus, it will bring more action to the show. He was like a little boy in front of her, a boy who just behaved and is waiting for punishment. And please dear writers, don't kill him now, I love Joseph Morgan." — shaimas
  • "I still think it's Tyler who's killing all those people. Didn't Klaus mention at one episode that he will kill everyone that Elena loves if he didn't get what he wanted? And he's mysteriously absent in this episode." — CiaoBella01
  • "I did not like the 'I forgive you' act, I hope there is more to the story regarding the original witch. Damon should have answered Elena's phone call in the woods scene. I love this show!" — fashionaza
  • Grey's Anatomy delights some fans but disappoints others in the alternate reality

    • "I wasn't expecting to like this episode as much as I did. I actually kinda loved it. I also loved the mentions of Preston Burke, Izzie and George. It was kinda implied that George still died, but was just the John Doe to everyone (since Alex said he failed the boards and then was never heard of again)." — dreamalittledream
    • "I was very disappointed. . ." —Brandy R.
    • "This episode was so trippy. That's the only thing I can think of! Cristina's hair was awful (straight hair and bangs on her face just does not look right!) Some of the pairings made sense, but Owen and Callie? That didn't make any sense to me. Bailey made sense as, if you remember, she had to learn how to speak up before Grey's started; Ellis was so strong when she was a doctor (from what we do know from flashbacks), so I imagine Bailey would have stayed the way she was (with the hair to boot.)" — ellenora

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