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Cobie Smulders Clark Gregg Avengers Interview (Video)

Cobie Smulders and Clark Gregg on Why The Avengers Is "Mind-Blowing"

If you've seen any of the prequel movies to The Avengers, then you probably know Clark Cregg as the wisecracking S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Coulson. In the new movie, he's joined by fellow agent Maria Hill, played by How I Met Your Mother's Cobie Smulders. I sat down with the pair at the film's recent press day to talk about the film's amazing special effects, what it was like for Smulders to join the cast as a newbie, and more. Watch!

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it was an amazing set you have. I carried her. Your muscles have muscles. Yeah that's true. So tell me about your experience, Clark as a kind of seasoned veteran and Cobie as brand new. Well, I think. Well, it's kind of a funny part because even though I'm a seasoned veteran, I've done, this is my fourth one of these movies, I definitely had to report to work and find out that Agent Maria Hill, the amazing Cobie Smulders was now my boss, to a certain extent. And that would've been a tough thing to pull off, because I know Agent Coulson would have been a bit snarky and snide if she wasn't so badass and so immediately in charge, which she was. True. So true, no denying it. So how intimidating was it to come into this? I'm glad that he bought it because I was extremely intimidated and was really just trying to be present and I did a lot of training to get myself in the greatest physical shape I've ever been in my life and to feel strong and just tried to hold my own and be in the place of authority among all these superheroes. You were tough. Just trying. Your muscles have muscles. Yeah, that's true. Okay. So, you guys are among all these superheroes, but you guys, specifically, don't have the super powers. 'Cause they're a little bit of super. You never know. He touched at the charm, though. You never know. You never know. He's super handsome. I'm magically delicious. Very true. What? No, but you never know in the model universe. You never know when you're going to get the script and read another page and go, "Oh, my goodness. I'm a scroll. I'm secretly have lots of power." You know, and yet you're right. There's an element that I think is really cool about this which, when you count it all down. There's Thor, you know, he's from Asgard, Loki, Steve Rodgers, you know, he's a super soldier and has had the serum and the Hulk is the Hulk but you know you've got Jeremy Renner playing Hawkeye and Scarlett playing Agent Romanoff and Kobe and Director Fury and they are all humans It's human and I think the thing that's cool about this is that the humans have to step up too. Definitely true. So, when you guys first saw the movie, what were you most impressed by? The humor. You know, it was there on the page, but a lot of times in an action movie you don't expect to hear this many really wicked one liners. And it's not like they stopped the movie to do, "Oh, this is the comic relief!" It's just there, throughout. Everybody's in terrible crisis. Everything's at risk, and people still manage to give each other a hard time and to make jokes about it that are really funny. And the special effects were mind blowing. That's true. But, you know, people say, "All the effects, I've never seen anything like this." Yeah. Because sometimes you go, "Well, that was an amazing effect and you're noticing that it's an effect. Yeah. Yeah. But in the case you just kind of go, you forget that it's effects. You go, "How did they do that to New York?" Well, I'm sure for you guys, because on the set, I'm sure like you're seeing CG and everything actually see the movie, how different is it? Well, the interesting thing for me was that most of my scenes took place on the helicarrier. So it was an amazing set. It's a hell of a carrier. And you walk up these steps and you're on a ship. It feels like you're really on board one hell of a ship. And you're surrounded by amazing sets and hundreds of extras dressed up in SHIELD uniform. So it does feel kind of real at times I'd be shooting a scene, and I wouldn't, if it was a wide shot I wouldn't quite know where the camera was, or it would just be like it would kind of go into the background because everything seems so real. Which was really helpful. That's why he work for you. Yeah.

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