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Colbert vs. O'Reilly: A Battle for the Ages

Colbert vs. O'Reilly: A Battle for the Ages

Set your TiVos now: Bill O'Reilly and Stephen Colbert will appear on each other's shows on Jan. 18. I'm still recovering from what happened when Colbert took on the Decemberists in a guitar battle, and this duel has the potential to be even more classic. Colbert calls O'Reilly "papa bear" and has based his whole TV persona on him. O'Reilly's got to know he's being made fun of, and I'm curious to see what he'll throw back at Colbert. It might even be enough to make me sit through a whole episode of "The O'Reilly Factor" — and that's saying something.

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Jinx Jinx 9 years
I think so flutter, not long ago, Stephan was trying to get Jon Stewart to apologize to O'Rielly because O'Rielly had taken shots at Comedy Central and both Daily Show and Colbert Report. Stephen felt that it was Jon's fault for making him do certain things on his show when he was a correspondant on there. This is going to be great. :) ------------------------------------------------------ Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. — Albert Einstein
flutterpie flutterpie 9 years
does o reilly know that colbert is making fun of him most of the time? or is his head so far up his ass that he doesnt realize it i know he thinks you're fine and stuff but does he know how to wind you up?
mandyjean mandyjean 9 years
JennaV JennaV 9 years
Team Colbert!
juliet juliet 9 years
I think I'm going to have to host a Colbert/O'Rielly party with my friends ... lots of drinking will be in order for this event. I probably won't be able to stop laughing the whole time. Viva le Colbert Nation!
DStirk DStirk 9 years
Seriously! This is going to be hilarious. I had no idea otherwise that this was going to be on! Thanks Buzz!!! I'm setting my tivo.
Jinx Jinx 9 years
I love the Colbert Report too. He's so funny, I hope he squashes him like a bug. The Decemberists Duel was awesome, and Frampton on top. :) ------------------------------------------------------ Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. — Albert Einstein
arianell arianell 9 years
Hehe, I can't wait. Although O'Reilly claims that he really likes The Colbert Report, but we'll see about that. :)
mmmmmm mmmmmm 9 years
I'm soooo excited! I just hope that Colbert goes on O'Reilly in character because it will show how ridiculus Bill O' really is.
baltimoregal baltimoregal 9 years
I heart Stephen. BaltimoreGal
Kbrooks1122704 Kbrooks1122704 9 years
this is going to be classic! I hope Colbert crushes him!
a-nonny-mouse a-nonny-mouse 9 years
Is it Christmastime again, so soon? I didn't know that Santa granted wishes in January. ((smirks)) :NAUGHTY_ELVES:
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