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Video: Comic-Con Weekend Highlights — TV Vampires Get Raunchy, Iron Man 3's Romance, More!

It's time to say goodbye to this year's Comic-Con, but before we go, we're bringing you the biggest highlights from the weekend with one final recap. Watch as BuzzSugar editors Becky Kirsch and Shannon Vestal give insider scoop from inside the panels for The Vampire Diaries and True Blood, where vampire sex and stripteases were major topics, and get the latest on Tony Stark's love life in Iron Man 3 — sounds like we may be seeing more of Gwyneth Paltrow! It's all in this episode of The Buzz, and in case you missed it, be sure to check out our other recaps from day one and day two of Comic-Con.

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In this episode of The Buzz, TVs hottest vampires get raunchy and Robert Downey Jr. talks about his Iron Man 3 romance. Hi, I'm Shannon Vestal. I'm Becky Kirsch, and we're bringing you our weekend highlights from Comic-Con. I was so excited to see the Vampire Diaries panel because, if you were watching at the end of last season, Elena becomes a vampire. As I expected, they didn't really give too much away about what we're gonna see in the next season Mainly they said that, it's going to be Elena's struggle, because she had never wanted to become a vampire. But Ian Somerhalder did say that Elena is now a badass vampire girl. So that's cool. You know, I've been to Vampire Diary panels in the past, and the cast always has really funny banter. So were they kind of joking back and forth like that? Oh, absolutely. And Paula Wesley firmly establishes himself as the comedian of the group with a lot of dirty jokes. At one point show runner Julie Plec was addressing the dilemma of Alena, Damon, Stefan's love triangle and Paul Wesley just offered up the suggestion of Salvatore Sandwich. And definitely not his dirtiest joke, though. He kind of went off about vampire sex and how fast it was, and he even made up this little noise to simulate vampire sex and it was. So he and Ian Somerhalder just kept making this noise through the panel at different times and being like, "Oh vampire sex, there it was. You didn't even know it was coming." So they're really cute. Does it sound like we're gonna see some of that in the next season? I sure hope so. So, it sounds like that love triangle is not going away anytime soon and they did. Ian Somerhalder that he and Stefan will be helping Elena as she adjusts to life as a vampire. Cool. Well, on the more movie side of things, I get to go to the Iron Man press conference, which is exciting because people, after The Avengers are really looking for to this movie. And someone asked Robert Downey Jr about what his on-screen relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow was gonna be like and he hinted that, you know, we saw in the Avengers that he and together and that's going to continue in Iron Man 3. And he said that what makes Iron Man a different super hero is that now he's coming home every night to someone who's bossing him around. So that should be really cute to see. Yeah, maybe he'll put a ring on it. Maybe. That would be an interesting twist. And what was also really cute is that there was a young fan in the audience, I don't know how he got in there at a press conference, but he got the last question, and he asked Robert Downey, Jr., what it was like to be a superhero. How does it feel to be a hero? I don't know. It's an odd thing, you know? I take it as seriously as Shakespeare. Oh, that's so adorable. Well, on the less family-friendly side of things, I just had vampires all day long. I went to the True Blood panel as well and we got to see a lot of footage from the rest of this season. We saw newborn Tera as a vampire stripper. We saw what I believe was Bill and Sookie hooking up again. Sookie trying to get rid of her fairy powers. And we saw that Luna is not dead, it looked like she had died in one of the last but it looks like she's still around. So we'll definitely have to keep tuning in. But this cast, man, is so funny and at one point somebody wisely brought up the fact that Joe Manganiello was in Magic Mike this summer as a stripper, so someone asked Rutina Wesley, who plays Tara, if she got any stripping tips from him. It just kind of devolved into stripper chaos on that stage at one point. Joe Manganiello first he gets out, kind of takes his jacket off and Ryan Kwanten is yelling at him. Take it off, fire man. And then, someone asked Rutina Wesley if she knew how to do a bodyroll. She got up, performed one, but she was totally out shown by show runner Alan Ball, who stood up on the table and did bodyrolls for, like, a full minute. It was hilarious. That sounds dangerous. Yeah, it was. So, Al Ball had the best moves, then? Oh, absolutely. So you guys have seen Ian Somerhalder and Alexander Skarsgard yesterday. Did either of them get questions on Fifty Shades of Grey? No one asked Ian Somerhalder, but someone asked Alexander Skarsgard about 50 Shades of Grey, and what he thought of the casting suggestions for him, and he reiterated he hasn't read the book yet. But the funniest moment came when he said, you know, he was saying, "I haven't seen the book. I haven't seen the script." And Stephen Moyer kind of leans into his microphone and just goes, "He's just lived the life." It was hilarious. What would you like for me to show you? Everything you got. Those are our final highlights from Comic-Con, we've had another great year in San Diego, I'm Shannon Russell. I'm Maggie Kurtson, thanks for watching the buzz.

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