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Comic-Con Report: Reaper, Clive, Gondry, More

Friday was another busy day at Comic-Con in San Diego, and Team member Phasekitty is again offering up her reports from the floor. Be sure to check out all of her blogging about the event. Here are a few highlights:

  • At the "Reaper" panel, Phasekitty got to hear Kevin Smith talk about his role in directing one of my favorite pilots for the CW. You should really just read Phasekitty's full report from the panel, but a couple of highlights: She saw the re-shot pilot with Missy Peregrym (a newer version than I've seen) and learned that Smith has two upcoming film projects scheduled back-to-back starting in January.

  • Remember that teaser for Get Smart I posted a little bit ago? Well, at the Warner Bros. panel, Phasekitty got to see the whole thing. She writes: "It shows more of the cast and gives us a taste of the physical comedy and action. Also we get to see a lot more of Anne Hathaway's character, Agent 99, previously only briefly seen in the teaser."
  • There was also an update on Watchmen, where Phasekitty says fans seemed pleased so far. Cast members Jackie Earle Haley and Malin Ackerman joined the panel where, Phasekitty says, "they mostly talked about how they planned to do the source material justice and how they hoped that if Alan Moore ever sees it he wouldn't hate it too much."
  • The New Line Cinema panel featured three of the action sequences for Shoot 'Em Up, the Clive Owen film out in September. Phasekitty says: "It is some of the most exciting action I've seen in a long time; very similar to the Transporter series, though with a new comedic element. Clive Owen's character is protecting a woman and a child from a hit man (Paul Giamatti), and spends most of the action sequences out-shooting people with one hand and carrying the infant baby in the other."

More goodies, including updates on the new Michel Gondry film and the Star Wars episode of "Family Guy," so

  • New Line also showed the trailer for the new Michel Gondry film, Be Kind Rewind. I'm jealous! Here's what she said: "Ever since I heard the concept of this film, a guy accidentally erases all of the tapes in his video rental store and him and a friend replace them with their own homemade takes on the films, I've been looking forward to seeing footage from it. I love Michael Gondry and this is just the original concept that he seems to shine with. The trailer they screened for this was hysterical. The film stars Jack Black and Mos Def and is set to release by the end of the year."
  • After a five-minute clip from The Golden Compass, Phasekitty got worried that it was maybe a little too much like the Narnia film, though she said Nicole Kidman fit well into the villain's role.
  • Frank Miller project update!

    He said that Sin City 2 is on definite hold right now. It was delayed last year, for his vague reason of "something to do with the Weinsteins," but he did sound a little annoyed when he said that it should have been out by now. The script is ready and will be based on the second installment to the series, A Dame to Kill For, and various other short stories from the seventh installment. Another highly anticipated project in the comic book adaptation world is Will Eisner's "The Spirit." Miller announced that he would be helming the project as the director at Comic-Con last year and this year divulges that he is storyboarding it now and they will begin shooting soon in Albuquerque. Many people, myself included, feel that Miller may have bit off more than he can chew with this one; he is adapting a very beloved character in the comic book universe and has very little experience. His only directing credit comes in the form of a co-directing credit on the first Sin City. Let's hope he does the character justice. Miller also revealed that though his arm had to be twisted to agree to Sin City, after the success of that and 300, he plans on adapting more of his works, but would not hint at which ones.

  • Here's how the cast breaks down for the Star Wars episode of "Family Guy": Stewie is Darth Vader, Peter is Han Solo, Chris is Luke Skywalker, Brian is Chewbacca, Lois is Princess Lea, Quagmire is C-3PO, and Cleveland is R2D2.
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