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DWTS' Julianne Hough to Star Opposite Chace in Footloose

DWTS' Julianne Hough to Star Opposite Chace in Footloose

For the upcoming "more mature" remake of Footloose, we've already met our lead male (the year's hottest bachelor, Chace Crawford), who will take over the memorable role originally played by Kevin Bacon. Now they've found Chace a leading lady in Julianne Hough, a country singer and professional dancer on Dancing With the Stars.

The news piece doesn't go into details but I'm assuming Hough will play Ariel, the defiant and fiercely stubborn minister's daughter who befriends the new kid in town, Ren McCormack (especially after he takes part in a rousing game of Chicken with tractors). Hough's adorable and all, though I find it interesting that the filmmakers went with someone for whom the Footloose remake is her first real acting job. I think that's pretty cool, but do you think they should have gone with someone more established? Or is some new blood on the big screen refreshing?


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