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Dakota Fanning to Rock Out in Joan Jett Movie

She's not playing Joan Jett herself — that role has gone to Kristen Stewart — but Dakota Fanning is in talks to join the cast of The Runaways as the lead singer of Jett's all-girl band. Here's more:

At 15, Fanning is the same age [Cherie] Currie was when she made her debut with the Runaways as the lead singer who belted out hard-edged tunes like "Cherry Bomb." Currie became caught up in drugs and a hard-partying lifestyle.

Now, I know Fanning has done dark stuff as she's gotten older and moved away from some of the precious little girl roles, but a hard-partying rocker? I'll be very curious to see how this turns out. In general, I'm fascinated by Fanning's career as she transitions into adulthood as it's a rocky path that not every actor seems to be able to navigate. Do you think Fanning is able to pull off these heavier, tougher roles?


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