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A Tribute to Damon Salvatore, the Ultimate Vampire Bad Boy

Oct 22 2015 - 7:00am

The Vampire Diaries [1] is back with a new season, and even though Elena is out of the picture, Damon is still there, looking as hot as ever. He may be a little mopey about his comatose love, but he's still the Damon we know and love, thanks to Ian Somerhalder [2]'s enduringly perfect portrayal of him. To celebrate the old Damon being back on the scene and making supernatural trouble, let's look back on one of TV's oldest bad boys: Damon Salvatore.

Meet Damon Salvatore.

He's one half of the brothers Salvatore. That's Stefan, the "good one [3]."

He's the bad one, you would say.

He's not what you would call a people person.

He'll kill you without batting an eye.

And never regret it.

He kills early; he kills often.

He's kind of rude.

He can be mean.

He's spiteful.

He's dismissive.

Really dismissive.

But like most bad boys, he's sexy.

He looks great shirtless [4].

Even when he's sad.

He looks great taking a call.

He's got moves you've never seen.


Oh, and he knows how sexy he is.

He works on it.

Let's just say he gets around.

Until he falls for Elena, that is.


He may not be great at self-control, but he has great eyebrow control.


But he can also be really sweet.

He's emotional too.

And so cute.

Though he still has the devil in his eyes when he smiles.

But what really makes Damon funny is how snarky he is.

He has the best one-liners.


And he always says what we're all thinking.

He has great advice.

And he has great comebacks.

He'll get you where it hurts.

I would too.

Sometimes the snark is all about honesty.

Who's judging?

He's modest sometimes.

We can't!

We sure are.

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