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Defend This Show: "The Bachelor"

Defend This Show: "The Bachelor"

I should not like "The Bachelor." I should hate it with a fiery passion. I should especially not like "The Bachelor" right now, because I find this year's eligible man, Andy Baldwin, lacking anything resembling a personality. Why should I want to watch 25 women beg and plead and sell each other out for a chance to date a bland dude who looks like a Ken doll says things like "Gosh, you sure do look pretty!" and "These women are smart!" without a trace of irony? There seems to be something icky and anti-feminist about it all (and no, the fact that "The Bachelorette" exists doesn't make it better).

And yet, you know where I am every Monday night after "Heroes" ends? Sitting on my couch with a pint of Ben & Jerry's in hand, watching "The Bachelor." If it's a drug, I'm officially addicted. Sure, sure, I watch it for the comedy (and there's a lot of it — remember the bad math? the national anthem?). But I also cheered a little when Andy saw past Stephanie South Carolina's big boobs and kicked her to the curb this week, and I've caught myself having several conversations since then about whether Tessa, Stephanie Kansas or Danielle will end up with the final rose. It's hard for me to justify why I love this show so much, so I'm asking those of you who share this sickness to do it for me in the comments below. On your marks, get set, defend!

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