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The Descendants Video Movie Review

Watch, Pass, or Rent Video Review: The Descendants

George Clooney is already garnering Oscar buzz for his role in The Descendants, but does the movie live up to all of the festival hype? Watch our review to see if the comedy/drama is worth a watch.

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Hi. I'm Becky Kirsch and today on "Watch, Pass or Rent," we're looking at "The Descendants." George Clooney, plays a father who learns his comatose wife had been cheating on him, so he sets out with his two daughters to track down her lover. Who is he? I'd like to know who the guy is that my wife was...seeing. The beauty of this movie is that it seamlessly weaves humor into a story that is mostly tragic. Even though the plot is a little bit slow, it's the characters' sides that had me laughing and crying. What's up, bro? Don't ever do that to me again. I love George Clooney and we've seen him take on all types of roles, but this one is a little bit outside his standard fare. He's great as always and has no problem with the emotional heft of the movie. Personally, my favorite scenes were when he's playing the bubbling dad opposite his two onscreen daughters. Get out of my underwear, you freak! I'm out, okay? Back inside. Now. Real good job you're doing. You may recognize Shailene Woodley from "Secret Life of the American Teenager," but this is really abig break-out role for her. I was impresses at the way she holds her own as George's rebellious teenage daughter. She's got a foul mouth which provides a lot of the laughs in the movie, but she really finds the more emotional scenes and her relationship with George is the heart of the movie. Grow up. You really don't have a clue do you? Dad, Mom was cheating on you. Hawaii has it's own character in this movie which contributes to how pretty it is overall. It is everywhere to George's wardrobe to the shots of the beach, to how The Hawaiian Traditions affect the family, and overall it really adds to the movies charm. How often do old people just haul off and cold cock you like that? Even though this movie is kind of a bummer, the humor keeps it from being. too depressing and too predictable. The performances were spot on and the actors make you really care about the characters. So I'm gonna give it a watch.

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