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Desperate Housewives Recap "In Buddy's Eyes"

Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 12, "In Buddy's Eyes"

Here's what I loved about this week's episode of Desperate Housewives: Julie finally tells Dylan what everyone's kinda thinking — just quit whining already about what happened to your dad, what your mom's big secret is, blah blah blah. I also really liked this episode because it was funny (naked Orson will probably always be hilarious to me) and super soapy (arson at Rick's?!). And I just think Gaby is the best mean girl on TV right now. She fights handicapped people!

For more on that and the rest of the episode (including spoilers),


Susan — Happily, this was another episode in which Susan's storyline wasn't too central and just involved some goofiness with Orson's nude sleepwalking in front of her. While sleepwalking, he mutters apologies to Mike for doing what he did (you know, mowing Mike down with his car). Susan doesn't think much of it, but when Julie hears Orson's mumblings she turns suspicious toward him. And again: thank goodness for Julie and her frank talk with Dylan. I'm ready for that girl to have some fun, too, but mostly because I don't care much about what Katherine did to Dylan's dad.

Bree — Holy Martha Stewart catfight! Bree interprets Katherine's enthusiasm for planning the Founders Day Ball as an attempt to usurp Bree's power in the community. Thus, Bree takes the opportunity to give Katherine food poisoning. Turns out, Katherine just needed to present Bree herself with the big award of the night. In the end, Bree explains to Katherine that she doesn't know how to be friends with her because she's always been the domestic goddess in her group of friends, and that's Katherine's "thing," too. But Katherine points out that this means they understand each other better and could actually be great friends. I loved this part, and it's moments like these that make me glad they put Dana Delaney on this show. She really is perfect as Katherine, so easily walking that line between conniving and compassionate.

Gaby — I could watch Gaby say and do inappropriate things all day long. She's just so cluelessly awful! Using Carlos' blindness, Gaby obtains a handicapped tag for the car so she can get better parking spots, but not before having a full-on fight with a wheelchair-bound man, wrestling his cell phone away from him and sending him flying across the parking lot! "Well, it's official. I'm going to hell." Later she tells Carlos that his blindness is hard on her, too. I have to wonder, though, how many funny storylines can come out of Carlos' blindness before we get kinda bored with it all.

Lynette — Well, Sexy Rick's back and causing trouble again. He opens up his own restaurant right across the street from the Scavos', igniting Tom's jealousy and rage to the point where he throws a brick through a window of Rick's restaurant. I gotta say, there are episodes where Tom's actions or words seem so irrational and so out of line. And then other times he's this solid, dutiful father and husband. There's a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde thing going on with him. Now he's a suspect (or, at least Lynette knows enough to suspect him) in the arson of Rick's restaurant, and he's made it clear that Rick shook his trust in Lynette.

Edie — was at lunch.

Katherine — Well, now we know that her intentions were true (for the most part) with helping Bree plan the Founders Day Ball. We also know that there's someone — a man, who lives in squalor! — who feels the need to seek out his red Sharpie when he sees Dylan in the newspaper. Who do you think that guy is?

Next week's episode is apparently all about the "wow" (unlike most of them?). What did you think of this week's battles, make-ups and Orson nudity?

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