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Desperate Housewives Recap, Episode 11, "Sunday"

Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 11, "Sunday"

As a reprieve from all the crazy high-drama episodes (tornadoes, cancer, etc.), this week's Desperate Housewives was the perfect balance of silly fun (Bree's church-related hijinks) and seriousness (Dylan trying to find out what happened to her dad, Lynette searching for something to have faith in). There wasn't too much Edie, which is always a relief. And we're finally getting the story about Katherine and her "shady past." I was so sick of that storyline being dragged out. Oh, and Chris Carmack was in this week's episode! Remember him from The O.C.?

Anyway, it can all get crazier later, but I'm glad this first episode back after the strike was a pretty even-keeled one. To check out some of my thoughts on "Sunday," which will include spoilers if you haven't seen the episode,


Susan — You know, when Susan's not acting like a total moron, I really like her. The whole bit with learning that Timmy (Chris Carmack) has a thing for young girls and then trying to keep him away from Dylan was amusing. And then — plot twist! He was actually after Katherine, who, um, deflowered him some time ago. Then, from Timmy Susan finds out that Katherine and her ex-husband used to fight — violently.

Bree — Hooray for the comedic relief of Bree and Orson! I love that Bree can make any situation political, and that she used the ol' bringing-muffins trick not once but twice in this episode. Angling to become chairwoman of the Ladies' Auxiliary Club at her Presbyterian church, Bree's embarrassed by Lynette's curiosity about religion when the Scavos join Bree and Orson at a service — until it becomes clear that the reverend finds Lynette "refreshing." At this point, however, Lynette has gone on to explore the Catholic church, and Bree tries to "poach" Lynette (as a nun puts it), bring her back to her own church and score some points with the reverend. Annoyed at being used, Lynette calls Bree out on her manipulations, though in the end Bree forfeits the chair position and apologizes to Lynette. My favorite parts: Bree encouraging Lynette to look into Unitarianism ("I hear those folks are anything goes!") and Orson trying to take baby Benjamin (in that ridiculous hat!) to the museum in an effort to counter the Van de Camp DNA. Ha!

Gaby — So, the surprise wedding is Gaby and Carlos' in-hospital nuptials, only about two weeks after Victor has died. Carlos tells Gaby he may not regain his eyesight for three or four months, but later Gaby learns the truth from Edie: Carlos' eyesight may never return. Furious with his dishonesty, Gaby plays pranks on Carlos, cooking him dog food stew and pretending to lead him around the kitchen in a sexy little game only to make him crash into stuff. Now, I recognize that this is a super mean thing to do, but it didn't stop me from laughing hysterically at the sight of Gaby hurling fruit at her blind husband. Gaby then explains that she's hurt by his lack of faith in her and she promises to love him "for better or for worse."

Lynette — Having been through a battle with cancer and a viciously destructive tornado, Lynette is looking for something to believe in. She turns to religion, joins Bree and Orson at their church, flags a Bible with all her questions, and attends Bible study. Later, she tries out the Catholic church, and refuses to be used in Bree's plot for making chairwoman of the Ladies' Auxiliary Club. She tells Bree that she has a lot of questions — like why she survived the tornado when others did not — and she thought Bree would be able to help her with those questions. Ultimately, the two reconcile and Bree asks Lynette to have faith in her and in their friendship.

Edie — As is often the case, Edie exists solely to cause little ripples of mischief. In this case she finds out that Carlos' condition is far more serious than he's letting Gaby believe, and she conveys this information to Gaby. Done.

Katherine — Finally! We get some explanation about Katherine's past. She murdered her abusive ex-husband which, in the world of Desperate Housewives, is actually pretty small potatoes. She's been hiding this from Dylan all these years, and Adam has been helping her keep the secret. As a last act of kindness toward Katherine, Adam lies to an emotional and confused Dylan and tells her that Katherine didn't kill Dylan's dad. As for Katherine, I'm kinda glad she got some action from the all-grown-up Timmy.

I have to say, though, my biggest laugh of the night came from the previews for next week's episode in which Gaby snaps at a man in a wheelchair, "I have to walk in heels all day long! You get to sit in a chair and roll." So ridiculously inappropriate.

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