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"Desperate Housewives" Recap: Episode 21, "Into the Woods"

"Desperate Housewives" Recap: Episode 21, "Into the Woods"

The theme of last night's "Desperate Housewives" was supposed to have had something to do with being a Victim, but it was more about wrapping up old storylines and introducing new ones to look forward to next season. Susan sets off through the woods in search of Mike, Gaby abuses her new power as First Lady of Fairview, Edie devises a scheme to make sure she is not alone and Lynette's budding romance is over before it really even started. Oh yeah, and apparently Bree is still on her extremely extended honeymoon, but she might as well be dead because there has been no mention of her in at least three episodes.

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The episode kicks off with the Scavo pizzeria being robbed just as Lynette and Rick, the Sexy Sous Chef, are sitting down to enjoy their nightly ritual of fresh pasta and heavy flirting. The robbers force Lynette and Rick into the walk-in freezer and they end up spending the night in each other's arms. As Tom is reviewing the surveillance cameras with the police after the robbery, he gets some insight into Lynette and Rick's intimate after-hours dinners. Tom realizes things have gone too far and tells Rick that he has to quit in a moment of uncharacteristic harshness on Tom's part. Rick refuses to quit, saying that if Tom wants him gone, he has to fire him. Rick's big mistake comes later that evening when he lets Lynette in on the fact that Tom is wise to their flirtation and that Tom demanded that he quit. Lynette, realizing the fun is over, screams at Rick for ruining everything and then fires him herself. Poor Tom could not have planned it better if he tried.

Gaby's fiance, Victor Laing, is elected Mayor of Fairview and Gaby decides to test her new powers as First Lady by parking in front of a fire hydrant. When issued a parking ticket, she defiantly tears it up and throws it in the police officer's face. When the officer protests, she lets him know in no uncertain terms that she could have him fired if she so desires. This little show promptly gets her thrown in jail, but not before the police officer has a chance to twist her arm and leave a nice big bruise.

Victor later chastises Gaby pretty harshly, telling her that she needs to "act like a grownup" when they are in public and that she is not to abuse her new found power. As he is lecturing her, he notices the bruise on her arm. At the end of the episode we see the police officer being assaulted by two people who we assume were sent by Victor himself. Damn. I think we are about to see a darker, more evil Victor Laing emerge.

Meanwhile, back on Wisteria Lane, the time has come for Edie's son Travers to go back to living with his father. As soon as Carlos finds out that Travers is leaving, Edie can feel Carlos pulling away and she thinks she is going to be all alone once Travers and Carlos leave her. She threatens to sue for joint custody of Travers in order to keep both Travers and Carlos in her life. Carlos convinces Edie that he won't leave her, so she agrees to drop the suit. I have to interject here for a second to say that I am just not buying the Carlos/Edie storyline and I hope that this really is the beginning of the end for them.

Susan learns that Mike has moved out of the neighborhood and plans to move "Back East" after taking a few days off in the mountains. Not to ever be without some kind of drama, Susan sets off for the wilderness to find Mike and convince him to forgive her. She ends up getting lost, twisting her ankle and spending the night alone in the forest after leaving her guide (who thankfully provides a voice of reason when she calls Susan out on being a "drama junkie"). But not to worry, Mike miraculously stumbles upon her, scoops her up in his arms and kisses her! Wow.

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