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Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 10, "Welcome to Kanagawa"

Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 10, "Welcome to Kanagawa"

It feels like it was ages ago that we left Lynette unleashing her primal scream at a nearly destroyed Wisteria Lane, and by last night I was more than ready to find out what happened with everyone on Desperate Housewives. Maybe it's the steady decrease in new episodes on TV, but I was downright giddy to watch this week's DH, and I'm glad it didn't disappoint. Then again, because there is so little by way of new TV it's possible my standards were lowered. At any rate, I was happy to see Bree, Lynette, Susan, Gaby and the rest of the gang in my living room once more.

To check out some of my thoughts on this post-hurricane episode — complete with spoilers —


Susan — I enjoyed Susan this week simply because she pretty much only existed to be a part of Bree's storyline, which I loved. When she takes in Bree and Orson after their home is mangled in the storm, she worries that Bree will drive her crazy. Instead, she finds Bree to have a calming, normalizing effect on Susan's life. I think this new angle to the women's friendship is very sweet and endearing.

Bree — Hands down, Bree Hodge has become my favorite character on DH, and one of my favorite characters currently on TV. After this episode I found myself wishing DH would become The Bree and Orson Hour, with characters like Susan merely showing up peripherally to highlight various dimensions of Bree's and Orson's lives (as was the case this week). From Bree's comment about finding a new boyfriend who's not so good at "gay math" for her contractor, to fixing up her much younger son with the contractor ("You can raise a man's hopes without satisfying him! I've done it all my life!"), hers is by far the most enjoyable storyline. I love how she and Orson struggle to be okay with the homosexual men in their lives (Orson: "Think of the fun you two could have in a shoe store!"), trying so hard to understand them yet still responding to things like Susan's excited "I could kiss you!" with "Not funny."

Gaby — At Victor's funeral, Gaby learns that all the loads of money she assumed to be inheriting was actually in Milton's name, and she would receive nothing. Banished from the funeral by Milton, she visits Carlos in the hospital before heading over to see Al about Carlos' offshore account. Unfortunately, poor Al was tragically killed, and his wife shredded any document pertaining to offshore accounts. Carlos and Gaby seem (temporarily) okay with things, though, professing their love for one another "for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health." When Gaby leaves Carlos' room, however, he and the doctor discuss Carlos' new blindness.

Lynette — Lynette's family is recovered first thing in the episode, which is nice, but seems a little neat and tidy. I guess they wanted to resolve that mystery right quick. Unfortunately, Ida was not so lucky, and Lynette and Mrs. McCluskey set about going through Ida's things. When Lynette's son Parker reveals that Ida saved his life during the tornado, Lynette feels that she owes Ida a debt. Soon Ida's niece and nephew arrive to retrieve Ida's ashes as well as some of her more valuable things. Yet the terrible twosome won't honor Ida's wishes by scattering her ashes on the baseball field where she used to play. So Lynette and Mrs. McCluskey break into the baseball field and scatter the ashes themselves. I liked this storyline as well, and I definitely became a little misty during Mrs. McCluskey's funereal poem recitation.

Edie — She held Mrs. McCluskey's hand after everyone heard that Ida didn't make it. End of story.

Katherine — This storyline bores me to tears. I just can't seem to bring myself to care about what Katherine did that Adam and Dylan now know about. Just. Don't. Care.

Here's what I do care about, however: This is the last episode of Desperate Housewives until the writers strike is over. So chat it up! What did you think of this week's DH?

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