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Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 12, "Connect! Connect!"

Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 12, "Connect! Connect!"

A little something like the Golden Globes couldn't keep the ladies of Wisteria Lane from all their soapy craziness this week. In this episode of Desperate Housewives we get yet more drama from creepy ol' Dave (I'm glad we didn't see the last of him last week!), and we see Andrew's husband-to-be Alex dare to criticize Bree while Gaby struggles to get her daughters to listen to her. In the meantime, Edie and Susan have some big discussions while trapped in a basement together (ending with Edie flinging magazines at Susan?) and Lynette confronts her mother, Stella.

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Susan — Susan announces that she's going to move away with Jackson and the other ladies are fully supportive of her decision — except for Edie. So, when Susan and Edie accidentally get locked together in a basement, Edie lets loose with her opinions on Susan: She thinks she's weak and needs to always be with a man. When Susan points out that Edie always has to be conquering a man, Edie says there's a difference — she wants men, Susan needs them. In the end, Susan calls off her move with Jackson and, as Mary Alice explains in the end, starts to learn what it's like to be alone.

Bree — "You know, I'm feeling a little randy tonight. What do you say we make a little love?" Ha! I just love Orson. And I got such a kick out of seeing what their sex life is like, from the meticulous turning down of the bed to the fact that they take turns being on top. Less hilarious is Alex telling Bree that he doesn't appreciate her being rude to Orson in front of him and implying that she's emasculating her husband. At first this annoys Bree but after talking about it with Andrew, she softens toward Alex and tells him he has her permission to criticize her when she's being rude or selfish. Did not see that one coming!

Gaby — The girls are unhappy to see Carlos go to work at his new job. Juanita takes to being insolent and disobedient with Gaby, saying it's because she "loves Daddy more." So, Gaby gets their new landscape guy, Reggie, to scream at her kids in his "big voice," and claims it was Carlos who made the scary man come over. When Carlos voices his displeasure at this, Gaby tells him she just wanted a normal life and Carlos says she got it: The dad who hates his job and the mom who stays home with the kids. In the end, Carlos tells the girls they have to listen to their mother.

Lynette — Wait, wait, wait — the whole Porter thing is over, just like that? After all those episodes, the judge just dismisses the case, end of storyline? That seems a little abrupt. Not that I wanted to have DH turn into Court TV or anything, it just seems like it all wrapped up very quickly. Backtracking a bit, Lynette learns from Mr. Fishman that Porter is living with Stella (and I loved that scene with Lynette on the phone and Mr. Fishman rolling/shuffling behind her, badgering her about Porter!). But when Lynette goes to her mother's place, Stella won't reveal where Porter is, relishing the fact that Lynette feels powerless. So, Lynette claims to be in a car accident in order to lure her mother and her son to the hospital. Later Lynette goes to see Stella again and they have a heart-to-heart about the anger that Stella holds onto all the time. If Stella would ease up a bit, Lynette says she'll visit more — and bring the kids.

Edie/Dave — At first, Edie calls all her friends to tell them about Dave's lying, but in the end, she asks Dave to come back, saying she's not ready to throw away their marriage. In between these two things, however, Dave goes to stay with Mike, who is starting to realize that he might be truly in love with Katherine. Ever scheming to have his revenge on Mike, Dave urges him to follow his heart.

And you know, I don't know that I care that much about Mike, but it's so nice to see Katherine so happy! What did you think of this DH episode?

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