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Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 15, "Mother Said"

Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 15, "Mother Said"

This Mother's Day-themed episode of Desperate Housewives was overflowing with crazy drama — including the departure of one character (though we kinda knew about that one)! I gotta say, this episode made me more uncomfortable than most, between the rudeness of Mike's mother and the entire storyline involving Kayla, it was one long, squirmy evening.

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Susan — Wow, poor Susan! Her mother-in-law, Adele is infuriating. She calls Susan a whore, for Pete's sake! After passive-aggressively (or just aggressively) cutting Susan down left and right — from her poor homemaking skills to her klutzy tendencies to, yes, calling Susan a whore in the bedroom (and, um, how did she get that information, exactly?!) — Susan asks Mike to make her stop. Yet in the middle of his standing-up-to-Mom speech, Susan goes into labor. I was a little surprised that Susan's birthing wasn't given a ton more attention. We just see Susan begin to go into labor and then she has a baby in her arms at the very end. I hope that kid becomes best friends with Bree's grandson Benjamin.

Bree — Yeah, talk about discomfort. When Edie uncovers Bree and Orson's secret about Benjamin, she tries to blackmail Bree into being her "very best friend," which, if Edie weren't quite so cruel, would strike me as just incredibly sad. So, rather than live under Edie's thumb, Bree comes clean to her three best buddies, and there's that sweet moment that made me tear up a little: When Gaby asks Bree, "What are you going to do?" Lynette replies, "No, what are we going to do?" Yeah! The four ladies march over to Edie Britt's and tell her that from then on, she's invisible to them. This was like a scene from the elementary school playground, but then again, Edie's immature behavior doesn't lend itself to adult discussion. Still, as terrible as Edie can be, I pitied her when the women literally turned their backs on her.

Gaby — Aww. . . Gaby has a heart! This week she discovers Ellie's real business upstairs: dealing cocaine (I still think it's insanely dumb that even when she goes into Ellie's room and doesn't see, oh, any tattooing equipment it doesn't send up any red flags, but whatever). She and Carlos go to the police who tell them to pretend like nothing's happening, since they want to keep tabs on Ellie and her dealings. In exchange for Gaby and Carlos' cooperation, Carlos will be able to go off probation. Gaby feels conflicted about the whole thing since she's come to truly care for Ellie. It seems slightly incongruous with the Gaby who takes her blind husband for walks and lets the branches hit him in the face, but OK.

Lynette — This storyline consistently made me feel squeamish. Starting with the meeting between Tom, Lynette and the family therapist when it is insinuated that Kayla's behavior is entirely Lynette's fault (?!), and Tom, of course, completely agrees with that. Ugh! The suggested solution is for Lynette and Kayla to spend as much time as possible together, but when Lynette and Kayla go shopping, Kayla acts like a brat and Lynette mostly gives into Kayla's ridiculous demands — until Kayla threatens to see what dangerous things she can get Penny to do, and Lynette slaps her. This gives Tom yet more excuse to be an angry jerk, and now Kayla has leverage over Lynette yet again. It's just all so upsetting, because really, who hasn't wanted to slap Kayla? Not that it makes it OK, I'm just saying.

Edie — After having the tables turned on her by the fearsome foursome, Edie calls her son and tells him she's coming for a visit — a long visit. I was relieved at this ending because a part of me worried that Edie would go down the suicide route once more, and this time maybe succeed.

Katherine — Katherine considers moving to Baltimore to escape Dylan's dad, but Dylan will have none of it. So, Katherine again baits Wayne by telling him she slept with other men while they were married, and that Dylan isn't actually his kid. He does a test to find out if he and Dylan are biologically related, and finds that they aren't. But when she goes over to his apartment (in a scene that I was so hoping wouldn't become sexual; the episode was discomforting enough!), he also realizes that the little girl he raised isn't the same girl as the teenage Dylan he's been spending time with. So, where's his real Dylan? Now that Katherine has succeeded in igniting his rage, I wonder what's going to happen with them in the season finale next week! I just hope Katherine doesn't end up moving away from Wisteria Lane — she's one of my favorite characters on this show.

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