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Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 19, "Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know"

Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 19, "Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know"

Instead of Mary Alice this week, we have guest dead voice Edie narrating from the grave on Desperate Housewives. The episode follows Lynette, Gaby, Susan, Bree and Mrs. McCluskey as they drive four hours each way to deliver Edie's ashes to her son, Travers. Along the way, they reminisce about Edie, eternal frenemy.

You know, I don't expect DH to be television's finest hour every week — that's not why I tune in. But this episode is still probably among my least favorite of all DH episodes ever. One basic problem with waxing nostalgic about Edie is that Edie's not a particularly likable character. And the moments meant to make her seem more sympathetic are hard to buy (I find it hard to believe that she visited Orson in jail every week). Also, it seems like we just did this whole every-housewife-has-a-tale-about-a-dead-person thing, when Beau Bridges' character died in "The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened." What do you think about Edie's farewell episode? Were you moved? To chat about it all,


Susan — In the end, when each woman gets a little bit of Edie to spread around her yard, Susan's word for Edie is not one word, but four: "One of a kind." Her story about Edie reveals that the two were actually quite friendly at first — until Edie told Susan that Karl was cheating on her, and Susan thought Edie was lying. Turns out Edie was right, but the damage was done and their friendship remained strained.

Bree — Bree's word for Edie is "perceptive." Apparently, after leaving Wisteria Lane, Edie lived close to the jail where Orson was serving time and she visited him weekly. Bree confronted her about this, but only left feeling ashamed that she couldn't bring herself to visit her own husband. This leads to some honest conversation with Orson and a moment of reconciliation between them.

Gaby — Gaby's word for Edie is "sexy." Gaby's story is more believable than some of the others — she goes out with Edie to a singles bar and the two compete to see who can get the most men to buy them drinks — but it isn't all that fun to watch, actually. I couldn't help thinking that they both seemed silly and immature. Anyway, at the end of the night Edie falls into a contemplative mood and tells Gaby her youth is quickly fading, and she knows she'll die before she reaches 50. Thinking back on this, Gaby thinks it's kind of eerie.

Lynette — Lynette's word for Edie is "strong" because when Lynette was undergoing chemotherapy, Edie brought her to a bar and gave her a talking-to about being even stronger in the face of cancer. I felt a little badly for Lynette in this scene. As a cancer fighter she dealt with Tom ridiculing her appearance and Edie telling her she's weak. This character has had a ridiculously tough time!

Mrs. McCluskey — When the women arrive at Travers' school and he appears largely unaffected by news of his mother's death, McCluskey grabs him by the tie (yikes!) and forces him to listen to her story about Edie and how she found it difficult to give up her son, but she did it to save him from Edie's inability to be a good mother. The wind (or "Edie") blowing open McCluskey's door is pretty cheesy — even for DH — but I do think that the odd, unlikely friendship between Edie and Mrs. McCluskey was endearing. Farewell, Edie!

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