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Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 22, "Marry Me a Little"

Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 22, "Marry Me a Little"

The theme of this week's episode of Desperate Housewives is "masks," which could, theoretically, be the theme of most DH episodes. Susan and Jackson mask the fact that their upcoming wedding isn't for love, Mike masks his lingering feelings for Susan, Tom wants a mask for real, Gaby masks her anxiety that financial ruin will find her again and Bree masks . . . well, everything from Orson. To chat about this week's episode,


Susan — Susan's little plan to marry Jackson so he can stay in the U.S. hits a snag when she finds out that Mike won't be sending her alimony after she's married to another man. When she goes over to chat with Mike about it, though, she ends up spilling the beans to Katherine about her upcoming marriage of convenience. Too bad for Jackson, Dave was on the phone when Susan stopped by and heard her entire confession. Seeing the perfect opportunity to get Jackson out of the picture so he won't tell the police that he saw Dave on the night of the fire, Dave calls the authorities on Jackson and has him taken away just before he can marry Susan. Anyone a little bit tired of Dave by this point?

Bree — Karl convinces Bree to rob her own home — and she almost gets away with it. Orson sketches a picture of a Venetian mask he and Bree got on a trip and Bree starts to have second thoughts about the divorce, thinking about how much Orson does care about her. Those second thoughts are squashed by Karl, the best sleazeball divorce lawyer around, and Bree's back on track with the divorce. But then Orson takes a call for Bree from a storage facility (which seems a bit odd to me; wouldn't someone as careful as Bree not allow for the possibility that Orson would pick up a phone call from the storage facility?) where she's storing all of the stuff she "stole" — including the mask Orson was missing so much. And now Orson's on to her. . . .

Gaby — For a second week in a row, the lesson that Gaby learns comes about because she wants to teach her daughter something that she herself doesn't feel the need to learn. This time, Juanita tells Gaby she knows they're rich, so why can't she have a canopy bed? To teach her . . . something, Gaby brings Juanita to a soup kitchen where she intends to stand by while Juanita serves people. You know, I realize that they wanted to have "the old Gaby" back in full force, but she is downright heinous in this episode. At the soup kitchen she runs into an old acquaintance who has lost everything and Gaby wonders what this woman did to lose all of her money. Turns out the woman's husband died, but Gaby doesn't understand why she can't just work hard and pull herself out of the tough situation, like Gaby and Carlos did. The woman brings to light the fact that Gaby believes she's exempt from any future financial hardship because she already went through some and "did her time," in a way. Now she realizes that it can happen to anyone, anytime.

Lynette — Feeling old and irrelevant as he's being passed up for jobs by people nearly half his age, Tom decides he wants a face lift. Lynette convinces him not to get one, however, by bringing over a coworker of hers whose face lift makes him look like an alien. She then reveals she's afraid that Tom will ultimately become dissatisfied with her looks, and she doesn't want plastic surgery. In a really sweet moment, she caresses the lines on Tom's face, naming each one for something they've gone through together in their marriage.

Katherine — Katherine's desperation to get married to Mike sometimes makes me embarrassed for her. Especially now when Mike has actually proposed to her — but only because he sees Susan with her "fiancé," Jackson. But as happy as Katherine is to be engaged, she, too, understands that Mike's actions are propelled by Susan's decisions.

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