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Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 6: "Now I Know, Don't Be Scared"

Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 6: "Now I Know, Don't Be Scared"

I have to say, this week's episode of Desperate Housewives was not my favorite. I could have done without the Susan storyline altogether, but then again, when is that not the case these days? And Gaby seems to be all over the place, which is frustrating. I finally got on board for the Edie storyline, however, and am enjoying the back-and-forth power play between Edie and Carlos. Also, I love Danielle's impersonation of Bree — it's completely spot-on! Spooky.

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Susan — It's not that I'm surprised by Susan overreacting about her father-in-law's apparent lack of regret over having murdered someone, it's that her hysteria never ceases to annoy me. She's upset that Mike's incarcerated father doesn't seem to care that he murdered a guy because she doesn't want her baby to come out without a conscience. Right. More intriguing to me this week is Mike taking pills and hiding them (er, not particularly well, but hiding them nonetheless) in his car.

Bree — I do enjoy the episodes of DH that feature Bree having some semblance of compassion and sweetness. While I love Danielle's impression of Bree, the scenes between mother and daughter once Danielle gives birth (it's a boy!) are quite tender. I found myself feeling sorry for both women. Here's what I could have definitely seen more of: Andrew in that Cher costume. Loved it!

Gaby — Okay, so she wants to take Victor's money to stay married to him, but then she doesn't want to take Carlos' money and stay with him. This whole story confused me. Hasn't it always been Gaby's "thing" to be with the guy who can provide her with tons of cash? I get that she doesn't think she can trust Carlos after learning that he kept his millions from her while they were married, but there were many things he kept from her when they were married (the fact that he was tampering with her birth control, his affair with the surrogate mother/cleaning woman, etc.). Is his lack of honesty surprising now? And Victor comes back, says some stuff and is back in her good graces. That was quick.

Lynette — As she waits for the results from her most recent tests, Lynette focuses on killing the possum that has been wreaking havoc in her garden. She goes so far as to buy a gun (purchased at a discount thanks to Bree being a valued customer at the gun shop). Turns out this is her way of asserting her power over something that's causing her harm, since she can't control what's going on with the cancer. In the end, Lynette gets a clean bill of health and, relieved, goes outside to look at the stars. There she encounters the dead possum and begins to cry. I, of course, teared up right along with her, as I am wont to do during the sad Lynette moments.

Edie — Ha! When Edie goes to the IRS to tell on Carlos, she's informed that the offshore account simply doesn't exist. So, she tries another tactic to get back at Carlos: she brings Victor the photos of Gaby and Carlos kissing, and explains that Carlos "seduced" Gaby.

Katherine — Not much new here, same old something-happened-in-Chicago-that-we-still-don't-know-about stuff. Though there is the new development that Adam knows all about Bree's fake pregnancy and Danielle's real one.

I am looking forward to next week's episode when it looks like Lynette's mother gets the boot. I laughed out loud at Lynette yelling at her mother for teaching the kids how to make a whiskey sour. Stella: "It's a science!"

What did you think of this week's DH?

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