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Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 9: "Me and My Town"

Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 9: "Me and My Town"

While I thought this week's episode of Desperate Housewives is pretty good, I really missed the recent guest stars (Frances Conroy as the wealthy Virginia Hildebrand and Lily Tomlin as Mrs. McCluskey's sister Roberta)! But overall this episode — all about the immediate aftermath of the fire at the club where Blue Odyssey was playing their first show — is better than most of them, in my opinion. Nothing too ridiculous happens (not even, surprisingly, in Susan's storyline), and there are even a few truly sweet moments (like Carlos's little speech to Gaby about why he married her). Ready to chat about "Me and My Town"? Just


Susan — First off, Susan chews up some cookie and then spits it into her hand and just holds it there while talking to Mike about which one of her friends he's dating, before slapping it in his hand and leaving. Gross! Anyway, Susan first jumps to the conclusion that Mike is dating her friend Lisa, who "always wore something booby" when she had them over. But then Susan eats another one of Katherine's cookies and figures out she's the one who's dating Mike. She leaves in a huff while Katherine babbles behind her, letting it slip that Bree has known for weeks. So, Susan goes over to yell at Bree and, thankfully, Bree calls her out on her anger: "You're not mad at me, or Mike, or Katherine, you're mad at yourself for letting your marriage fall apart." Susan later calls Katherine to say she's OK with her dating Mike — which is kind of nice, really, since she so obviously is not OK with Katherine dating Mike.

Bree — On the night of the fire, Orson broke his nose and now he snores loudly, preventing Bree from sleeping. She takes a sleeping pill one night and wakes up late for her cooking demonstration at the mall. She then gulps down some leftover tea in which Orson had previously dissolved a sleeping pill for Bree, so she's something of a nutcase when she goes to do her demonstration. She says her cookbook is all about mothers and daughters cooking, and she'd cook with her own daughter except that she "grew up and stole my baby." Ha! Eventually, Bree makes Orson get the surgery to alleviate his snoring because, as she explains to the doctor, the power in their relationship has shifted to her and Orson "owes" her one. As soon as they leave, the doctor calls his lover to say, "Tell me we'll never grow into one of those insane couples that just lives to make each other crazy." Turns out, he just moved in with this lover — and it's Andrew Van De Camp!

Lynette — Porter is one of the top arson suspects, and Lynette lies to the detectives so as not to further incriminate her son. Lynette then goes to see Anne, hands her a big envelope of cash and later drives her to the bus station so she'll disappear from their lives. Of course, as Anne's leaving she tells Lynette she was never pregnant with Porter's baby. We all saw this coming a mile away, but it's still sad and an awful thing to do. Lynette has a heart-to-heart with Porter about honesty in their relationship and he tells her he didn't start the fire. Then, when he asks her if she knows where Anne is, Lynette says she doesn't. While that may be technically true (she may not know where Anne went on the bus), it's still not quite as honest as she seems to want Porter to be with her.

Gaby — Carlos might get his sight back! (We all saw this coming a mile away, too.) Now Gaby's freaking out that Carlos will find her unattractive when he regains his sight. You know, I'm all for honesty among friends but it just seems mean of Edie to tell Gaby she's "fat" (and for Susan to agree — or pretend to agree? — just so Gaby doesn't think Susan's lying to her). It's especially annoying because Gaby's not fat! At any rate, Gaby later tells her kids they're responsible for making her fat (just handing down some guilt complexes there), and that Juanita is sassy! (Re: Macaroni and cheese: "It comes in a box, it's not that hard.") In the end, Gaby reveals to Carlos that she's afraid he'll notice she's "lost her luster," but Carlos just chuckles and goes into this long, very adorable speech about the fact that his proposing to Gaby had to do with her laugh, not her looks. I'll admit it, I was pretty smitten by that little speech.

Edie and Dave — Edie always thought Porter was trouble, ever since he was six years old, and she's apparently a "really good judge of character." Hilariously, she says this as she sits next to Dave, her psychopathic husband. In the end, Dave goes to the detectives and tells them he saw Porter coming out of the club, providing further proof that Porter might have started the fire.

I'm really excited for next week's episode! Andrew's getting married?! And Porter's alibi for the night of the fire is Edie? (Tom's line is funny: "Tell me you're not having sex with her, too!") And Katherine starts trying to bond with MJ.

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