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Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode Eight: "City on Fire"

Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode Eight: "City on Fire"

As the title suggests, in this episode of Desperate Housewives the town of Fairview becomes a "city on fire." It starts out with a fire at the club where the Wisteria Lane boy band Blue Odyssey is performing. Then we travel back in time to the day before and as we learn about the various storylines, did you notice that each scene in that first part of the episode begins with some kind of fire (Susan sitting by her fireplace, Katherine making crème brûlée with that torch thingy, Anne's husband striking a match, etc.)?

Anyway, we get further proof that Dave's a sicko, Julie returns to Wisteria Lane for a visit with Susan and the plot thickens in Porter Scavo's dramatic love life. To chat about it all,


Susan — Yay, Julie's back! But ewww, it's so weird to see her dating that older, thrice-married guy, Lloyd. Susan is pretty wary of this guy and this worsens considerably when she learns that Lloyd plans to propose to Julie. So, in her ridiculous, histrionic way, Susan tries to botch Lloyd's proposal at the club, but it turns out she didn't need to worry about Julie wanting to get married — ever. Julie tells Susan she doesn't want to get married after watching her crazy mother's history with men and marriage. Susan tries to convince Julie otherwise, though to be honest, I think it makes perfect sense that Julie would have those beliefs (and if they help stop her from marrying creepy Lloyd, all the better).

Bree — Funny gal Rachel Harris guest stars as a reporter trying to expose the dirty truths behind the "perfect" image Bree puts forth in her cookbook. Bree almost succeeds in making her life seem spotless in every way — until Orson's new parole officer leaves a message on the machine for all to hear (and Andrew asks, "Now can I be gay?"). From there, Sandra the reporter only needs to dig a little around Wisteria Lane to uncover all sorts of interesting tidbits for her story (and for the other neighbors, some of whom are giddy to know that Bree was once a "booze hound"). In the end, Sandra says she thinks Bree sets up impossible standards for women with her cookbook, but Bree explains she's so imperfect that sometimes it's nice to do just one thing right, even if it's just a casserole.

Gaby — Virginia's back! After her blowout with Gaby in the last episode, Virginia returns to the Solis home and informs them that they will be the sole recipients of her massive fortune when she dies. Gaby is reluctant at first, but of course she can't resist a massive fortune. The night of the Battle of the Bands, Virginia shows up with a limousine and insists Gaby go with her. Virginia's desperation is meant to make her seem like a loon, I think, but it mostly just breaks my heart. At the club, Virginia tells Gaby she's enrolling the girls in a fancy school an hour away, and Gaby gets another opportunity to tell off Virginia, once again ensuring that the Solises will see none of Virginia's money. This doesn't change when Gaby helps Virginia exit safely from the burning club.

Lynette — Lynette pays a visit to Anne and calls her "sick" for getting it on with Porter. Anne merely replies that she's glad she's carrying Porter's baby, which is right when Anne's husband walks in. Lynette leaves the house, but then turns back in time to see Anne's husband kicking her. Lynette saves Anne and gets her to the hospital. That night at the Battle of the Bands, Porter hunts down Anne's husband and starts a fight with him. Porter and Lynette leave the club, but later we see that he's obtained a gun, somehow. And now Anne's husband thinks Porter started the fire at the club which, we find out in the previews for the next episode, killed six people.

Dave, Mrs. McCluskey, etc. — Dave's psychiatrist tracks him down at the band's show and confronts him about his move to Fairview. Dave does his best to play innocent but when Dr. Heller asks to speak with Mike, Dave leads Dr. Heller to a storage closet (which he doesn't seem to think is odd at all), strangles him and sets the place on fire. Then, Dave saves Mike from the burning club because he's "not done with him" yet.

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