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Did Anyone Else Totally Love 24: Redemption Like I Did?

Maybe my expectations were low, but I was impressed by the two-hour 24 "prequel" to the seventh season, "Redemption." Here are a few thoughts on why I liked it:

  • For whatever reason, it's still strangely comforting to see Jack Bauer back on TV, doing what he does best (picking off the bad guys, saving the good guys, enduring torture, etc.).
  • Kids. Little African kids are at the heart of Jack's major struggle here and while it might be a manipulative tactic, it definitely worked in getting me to care about the story.
  • Overall, and especially toward the end, I was on the edge of my seat, stressing out about these people and yelling at my TV again, as though it were the first season of 24 or something. I love that this show is back to having that effect on me.
  • I really like this new lady president, right down to her cemented hairdo. She just seems smart and no-nonsense while still being warm and trustworthy.
  • It doesn't hurt that the guy playing her son is rather hot, in a pretty-boy kind of way.
  • Even for people unfamiliar with 24, or those who have been doubting the quality of the show in recent years (as I have), this two-hour "event" could actually stand on its own as a TV movie. You don't necessarily need to know Jack's history in order to get what's going on and there's a definite ending that lacks major cliffhangers.
  • Ha! In the previews for the upcoming season I love Chloe's "I'm just a stay-at-home mom!" line. Awesome. Can't wait to see her (and Tony Almeida!) again.

Oh! And diverchick wrote me to say that "about 35-40 minutes into the show, there was this scene where Jack's friend Carl calls Jack. The number that pops up on the phone is 310-597-3781." Apparently if you call that number, Sprint gives a code for a free ringtone. The pass code is "24." Thanks, diverchick!

Did you watch this 24 prequel? What did you think?

Photo courtesy of Fox

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