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Did You Watch the First Season of Survivor?

All this news about Richard Hatch trying to participate in a 10th anniversary edition of Survivor to help pay back the money he owes the IRS has me reminiscing about Survivor's first season in 2000. Hatch was the winner (or, survivor, I guess) of the show's inaugural season, and I can clearly remember how tense I was during those final few episodes before he won. Of course, I didn't have any kind of DVR back then, so I would race home every week in order to tune into this crazy and (at the time) intense reality show. Until then, I'd never seen anything like it, and I was so addicted.

After that first season, my interest in Survivor waned and now I don't watch it at all, but I will never forget how excited I was about that series, once upon a time.

Did you also tune in every week when Survivor first began? Or did you get hooked later? Or never?


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