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24 Dos and Don'ts You Learned From Dirty Dancing

Mar 26 2014 - 9:00am

It's been 27 years since the original Dirty Dancing hit theaters in 1987, but the cult classic still has plenty of staying power thanks to some quotable lines [1], a seriously awesome '60s soundtrack, and some out-of-control dance scenes. With actress Jennifer Grey celebrating her 54th birthday on Wednesday, we're taking a look back at the iconic movie that made people dream of a sexy stranger who'd teach them how to dance, lift them high in the air, and stand up to anyone who tried to put them in the corner. (Yes? No? Just us?) In honor of Jennifer's birthday and the memorable performance from the late Patrick Swayze, take a look at 24 dos and don'ts inspired by Dirty Dancing.

Source: Lionsgate [2]

DO accept dance invitations from hot strangers.

DON'T be afraid to whip out your dance moves anytime, anywhere.

DO look both ways when you attempt said dance moves.

DON'T forget to carry the watermelon.

DO remember that practice makes perfect.

DON'T hesitate to put your trust in other people.

DO call your loverboy, especially if he looks like this.

DON'T hold back when you play the air guitar.

DO hold on to the ones you love.

DON'T take yourself too seriously.

DO learn how to do a sexy dip like this, because whoa.

DON'T faint if someone this good-looking puts your hand on his heart.

DO go with that whole "safety first" thing.

DON'T worry about making a mistake every once in a while.

DO savor the moment.

DON'T even try to spin this much.

DO be impressed if someone else spins this much.

DON'T forget to laugh.

DO love and obsess over anyone who does this for you, ever.

DON'T try this at home.

DO let yourself fall in love with someone who surprises you.


(Oh, by the way, DO try that lift move if it's Ryan Gosling standing in front of you.)

DON'T even think about turning him down — seriously.

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