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Divergent: 6 Things That Didn't Make It From the Book to the Movie

Mar 24 2014 - 5:30pm

Divergent [1] is out in theaters today, and though your enjoyment may rest on whether you've read the book or not [2], if you did read the book, the movie is a special treat. It's satisfying to see how director Neil Burger visually filled in the blanks of Veronica Roth's novel, but like with most adaptations, not everything from the book made it to the big screen. Here are six big things that were left on the page.

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Edward's Eye Mishap

The goriest part of Divergent is when a top-performing initiate, Edward, loses his eye in a vicious attack involving a butter knife. We know that the scene was filmed, because we talked about it with actor Ben Lamb [4] at Comic-Con, but it's not in the movie. Our guess is that it was a little too graphic for the PG-13 flick.

Source: Twitter user therestis_ [5]

The Inititate Who Jumps . . . and Misses

In the beginning of Divergent, Dauntless initiates have to jump from a moving train onto a rooftop. One girl doesn't make it, and she dies from the fall. This doesn't happen in the movie — instead, we just see Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Christina (Zoë Kravitz) triumphantly sticking the landing.

Four Getting Drunk

There's a cute scene in the book when Four gets drunk and flirts with Tris, but alas, we never get to see an inebriated Theo James laying down some cheesy pickup lines.

Al's Crush on Tris

In the book, Al (Christian Madsen) has a crush on Tris, which adds another dimension to his betrayal of helping Peter attack Tris.


The character of Uriah is a pretty big part of Tris's new life in Dauntless. As a Dauntless-born member, he befriends Tris and plays a part in later books, too. Sadly, there is no character of Uriah in the film.

Jeanine Matthews's Role

This is a difference, rather than something that's missing, but it's a pretty big change. In the first book, Kate Winslet [6]'s character Jeanine Matthews has a much smaller role. In the movie, she gives the spiel at the Choosing Ceremony, and she's leading the charge when the Dauntless members are being controlled. That whole final sequence with the showdown with Tris, the truth serum, and getting her hand stabbed? All new for the movie.

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