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Do You Clap at the End of Movies in the Movie Theater?

Do You Applaud at the Movie Theater?

Because I spend so much time inside movie theaters, I'm very particular about my preferences (as in snacks) and etiquette (verdict: it's fine to sneak in the occasional candy). But one habit sometimes leaves me perplexed: clapping at the end of a movie. Lately it feels like half the time I see a movie in a theater, there have been a handful of people who celebrate the credits by giving the movie applause.

I don't usually clap at the end of a movie unless something truly moves me (or the filmmakers are in attendance); it's not like a stage production, where the cast and crew can appreciate the feedback. I do understand wanting to express your enjoyment for a particularly great film, but it seems like some audience members just arbitrarily end their movie-going experience by clapping, whether they loved the film or not. But I'm genuinely curious about what you guys think about this, and whether you do it. Vote below — do you like to give movies a round of applause?

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Frenched Frenched 4 years
No, I usually do not do this and I don't think it makes much sense, either. But whatever floats their boat, I suppose.
bethany0403 bethany0403 4 years
This, along with personalized license plates are my two biggest pet peeves. Why do people do this?? It makes NO SENSE!
stylinfabqueen stylinfabqueen 4 years
The only movie I applauded was at the pre-screening of Michael Jackson's This Is It. It was just like watching a big concert and the audience couldn't help themselves neither could I. Why not applaud for the King of Pop?
lizlee89 lizlee89 4 years
I never clap, even though sometimes I feel like I want to. For me, though, I am so used to theatre where the creators are in attendance. However, for a movie, I agree with you - there's no one to clap for! It's always so wierd to me when people do this...
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