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Don Peyote Trailer: Anne Hathaway Is a Champion Head-Butter

Jan 9 2014 - 5:15pm

Want to see a bizarre trailer with Anne Hathaway [1], Jay Baruchel, Josh Duhamel [2], Topher Grace [3], and Dan Fogler, Grace's friend from Take Me Home Tonight? Sure, you do. Fogler is the star of Don Peyote, a trippy indie about Warren, an "ordinary person" whose life completely changes when a homeless man sweats on him. Suddenly tidal waves are rushing through the city, Duhamel is telling Warren to dump "medicine" into water supplies, and Hathaway is superangry — like, angry enough to head-butt him. There's a lot going on. The movie opens in May, so until then, take a look at the trailer.

Source: Studio13 [4]

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