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"Drive" Gets Parked, While FX Shows Get Good News

Apr 25 2007 - 3:50pm

Well, the 37 of you who said "Drive" [0] would be off the air within five episodes [0] were right: Fox slammed the brakes on the show today [1], according to Variety. None of the four episodes that aired got good ratings, but this week's situation was particularly dire: The show finished fourth in its time slot [2], with the fewest viewers yet.

I didn't think the first episode was that bad [2], but it also didn't compel me to watch again. I guess it's official that Tim Minear + Nathan Fillion + Fox = early death, as I'm sure "Firefly" [3] fans can attest. Two more episodes of "Drive" were produced, and Fox hasn't announced whether they'll be shown on TV or only online. In the meantime, reruns of "House" [3] will be filling "Drive"'s spot.

Fans of "Dirt" [3] and "The Riches" [3] got better news today, though: The FX president said he expects both shows to get second seasons. [4] While I like "The Riches" more than I liked "Dirt," I'm glad to see FX continuing its tradition of supporting unusual, edgy shows. [4]

Photo courtesy of Fox [5]

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