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Elizabeth Banks Talking About The Hunger Games [Video]

Elizabeth Banks Talks Hunger Games Excitement and "Devoting" Herself to Effie

We sat down to chat with Elizabeth Banks at the Man on a Ledge junket in Beverly Hills over the weekend. She had a lot to say about playing a cop in the intense film and what it was like actually filming on a building ledge high over New York City. Up next is The Hunger Games mania for Elizabeth, who transformed into Effie for the highly anticipated big-screen adaptation. Having been a Hunger Games fan from the beginning, Elizabeth wasn't even aware it had become such a sensation until she signed on for the part. As for the finished product, Elizabeth revealed she's seen enough to know it's great. Check out our interview with Elizabeth and watch for Man on a Ledge in theaters Jan. 27.

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There was a two percent chance that at any moment that I could die. We sort of start, you know building her based on everybody's imagination there just was an ah-ha moment where it was like, oh there she is. So when I saw the movie the other day and and it was great but very intense role. What sort of drew you to the projects initially? The intensity drew me a little bit. You know, I was really excited about a lot of things. We were committed to shooting this practically and it's not a CGI movie, you know, it's a really great sort of action-thriller and we were committed to sort of, making the audience feel like they were up there with us, we shot this movie 200 feet above Madison Avenue on 14 inches of concrete and we had all these camera guys out there and it was - in looking back on it, it was completely insanity. I don't know what I was thinking. What was going through your head when you were like shooting up there? That there was a two percent chance at any any moment I could die. 'Cause I'm not afraid of heights. I'm afraid of human error. Yeah. So, I was constantly like checking bolts and making sure I was actually like, the strings were actually attached. At one point I dove, like, out onto a roof and you know, Stunt 101 is "don't let adrenaline drive the moment" and I leapt way too far on this roof and there's actually a photo of me and my husband said, "Did you really do that? Is that real?" And it's like a very intense movie, you guys, able to have fun when you were out there doing it still? Yeah, we had a lot of fun when we were doing it. You know I play an NYPD negotiator in the movie, and it's a very serious job. It's life or death, you know, they're constantly talking people off ledges or talking people into handing over guns or giving up hostages, you know, it's a very serious job but I was not interested in playing a character who spent the entire movie with like, you know her heart wrapped in darkness. I mean this is somebody who's battling, sort of come through something and be redeemed and figure out what's really going on and that's what I was interested in doing. And of course up next you have the hunger game, how was your experience making that, like the whole franchise, the fans. How's that been? You know I was pretty naive to this sort of fandom. I mean, I am a super nerd, you know, fan of the books, but I read them long time ago. I was a very early adopter of the Hunger Games. You know when we went to make the movie, I just love, I just devoted myself to Effie essentially and really focused on that and had an amazing time making the movie and with the great film makers and all the collaborators are incredible and now I'm just excited, you know I'm excited for people to see it, but I have no expectation or anticipation about what's going to happen next. I'm just trying to live in the moment. And were you involved at all in what the look of Effie was going to be? It was a great collaboration, the hair and makeup and costume are on the movie, three women. They're all Academy Award nominated they're all like the best in their field. What's fun is we have Susan Collins there, essentially blessing everything and she, you know, we all - everybody has their idea when they read it of what Effie should look like and of course, we all did as well and we sort of got this, you know, got there to the camera test and everybody sort of put their ideas in like, "Well, what if she was this and what if it was this. Well, I always imagined that it was this. Yeah, I imagined it was like that too," and you sort of start just, you know, building her based on everybody's imagination there just was an aha moment where it was like oh, there she is. Have you gotten to see any of the movie yet? I've seen enough of the movie to know it's a really good movie.

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