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Emma and Hook's Sexy and Sweet Romance Evolution

Nov 11 2015 - 1:00pm

We're all about sexy Captain Hook [1] on Once Upon a Time, and his relationship with Emma — even if she is, you know, the Dark Swan [2] right now and stuff. That spark is still there, and we know they'll pull through this minor setback to get back to working on being the hottest fairy tale couple [3] on the show. As sizzling as this couple is, the road hasn't been all romance —€” in fact, the mounting sexual tension has also involved a lot of fighting (literally, sword fighting, you guys). So how have we gotten to this amazing relationship? Let's examine.

When Emma and Hook first meet, she knows he's trouble and ties him to a tree. She definitely knows how to make a first impression.

One of the first things Emma and Hook ever do together is climb a beanstalk, after which Emma's hand is kind of beat up. This is how Hook dresses her hand. Try to keep it together.

I mean, seriously.

The trip up the beanstalk was just the beginning of a little spark between Emma and Hook.

There are accidental embraces.

That spark culminates in a full-on swordfight when they're still in Fairy Tale Land in season two, and it's awesome to see Emma be so fierce.

But what's way more awesome is how much Hook flirts with her.

Oh, you.

. . . and just gets straight-up dirty. Yes, he really says that.

He pretty much deserves this.

Finally, all that word- and swordplay has to go somewhere —€” leading us to this! Remember when Emma insists this'll be a onetime thing? That's hilarious.

Told ya so! Well, she doesn't exactly want the kiss in season three's Winter finale [4], but she remembers eventually.

Remember she does, and after being back in Storybrooke for a while and spending some time with Hook, watching him be kind to her son, and finally learning he had given up his ship for her, she leans in and kisses him in the season three finale.

Then this season, they finally have a major couple milestone: a date! Hook even spruces himself up, getting a new, modern-dude outfit and his old hand! Sadly, the old hand doesn't work out so well for him, but he does get to hold Emma's hand in it for a while.

Good thing you don't need two hands to kiss!

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