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Ewan McGregor Talks Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, "Lovely" Emily Blunt, and "Unsexy" Accents

This weekend, Ewan McGregor stars in the comedy Salmon Fishing in the Yemen opposite Emily Blunt, and I sat down with the talented actor to talk about the film and what it was like to work with his beautiful love interest. We also chatted about his Beginners costar Christopher Plummer and his big Oscar win, and what it felt like for McGregor to hear his name called out onstage that night.

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got to go to work with her because she can't stop laughing. He's always been very kind to mention me, which is lovely and it meant a great deal to me. Is this character you actually get to use your own accent which you feel like we don't get that much from you. So does that make the work feel a lot of bit easier, or not comfortable? Well, it's not my accent, luckily, 'cause it's a horrible accent. I said, "What kind of area inside of Edinburgh morning site?" And it's an I thought it was really fitting for Fred. He's a Scottish accent but he's not my own. And I do like to try and find, I mean if, I don't pick characters because they could be Scottish but once I want to do a script then I'll always ask myself if it could be done as a Scotsman, cause I like to work in the Scottish accent, it's nice. But this one is quite, strong and very unsexy. accent. There's something quite up tight about it. And you're playing against Emily Blunt as your love interest. So, how was it working with her? Lovely. She's so lovely. She's a very beautiful woman you know but she's also a really beautiful person and very very funny. And she made me laugh for three months, we're just in giggles all the time. It's quite difficult to work with her because she keeps us laughing. But we did have a nice time, really nice, we're going very well. And I think it shows in the film, you know, you can feel it, you can feel it we're going well. Yeah. And there's the story element, but there's also politics. There's a theme of faith. Was any one of those things something that attracted you the most to this film? No, all of them did. I mean, I think you approach a film, I don't read a film looking for political content, or romantic content or character content. It just I've been taken by the story or not. I think the love story is lovely 'cause it's complicated. It's not like the classic it's a comedy, love story. There's something complicated and clumsy about it. It's not the kind of run in the middle romantic-comedy story, you know? Yeah. And in other recent news you're Beginner's co-star Christopher Plummer, he just won the Oscar and he showed you up from the start. I know, it's so nice, he's been so sweet. Cause you know he's won everything, you know, he's won every award, I think, in the last 3 months, as he should have done, it was such a beautiful performance. And he's always been very kind to mention me which is lovely and it meant a great deal to me, in fact. yeah, it's lovely, it's lovely, that you won. It's well deserved. Were you watching at the time on TV? I was. Yeah, I was at home watching on television. Yeah. And what does that feel like tight when he said it? When he said it about me? Well I was mostly thrilled for him because I feel like he's a great, great actor and I know that that performance was an Oscar worthy performance 'cause he did it to my face, you know, he did it right there to me. And, so, I was just thrilled for him that he got recognized. That's not always the case, you know, that the best performance is the one that's recognized, and it can but infuriating, but I was so delighted they got it right with his, you know?

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