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How to Choose Which Fall Shows You Should Watch

Oct 2 2014 - 2:36pm

Fall is officially here, bringing with it a spate of exciting new movies [1] and a full slate of brand-new TV series. While you may not even want to add more TV shows to your DVR, there are a few series you may want to check out. But how do you decide? Don't just try to figure it out depending on whether the previews interest you. We've seen all the pilots and can point you to the shows you'd probably like, based on whether you like these other fan-favorite series. Ready to find out what's right for you? Just start scrolling, and while you're at it, check out our cool downloadable, printable, pinnable calendar of Fall TV premiere dates [2]!

Sources: Fox [3] and NBC [4]

If You Love The Mindy Project . . .

You Might Like Marry Me

Marry Me's Annie and The Mindy Project's leading lady are cut from the same cloth, and much like Mindy has just done, Annie just snagged her guy (but in both situations, we wonder how well that will work out for them). Plus they have the same snappy, pop-culture-infused humor.

Read more about Marry Me [5].

If You Love Seinfeld . . .

You Might Like Mulaney

Not only is comedian John Mulaney's sitcom a very similar structure (the young guy has a handful of goofy friends stopping by), but the show also highlights his stand-up routines.

Read more about Mulaney [6].

If You Love Arrow . . .

You Might Like The Flash

OK, there's the obvious connection, and you don't want to miss any crossover when Arrow and The Flash characters stop by each other's shows (Stephen Amell stops by The Flash's pilot, in fact). But you also should give this a shot if you like what The CW has done with its superhero series — the first episode of The Flash is just as promising as Arrow was.

Read more about The Flash [7].

If You Love The Following . . .

You Might Like Stalker

You probably like being freaked out if you watch The Following, and Stalker is more of that (someone sneaks out from under the floor in the pilot). The criminal psychology of this show is interesting too — just watch it with the lights on!

Read more about Stalker [8].

If You Love Batman: The Animated Series . . .

You Might Like Gotham

Yes, the Batman cartoon is a very nostalgic choice, but any kid of the '90s who loved this show will be more into Gotham than your usual Batman-film fans, because Fox's new live-action series revisits that giant store of the comic-book characters that only the previous TV series had time for.

Read more about Gotham [9].

If You Love Glee . . .

You Might Like Red Band Society

So maybe no one's dying on Glee, but both of these shows have a Breakfast Club-style mix of teenagers and their drama. And the requisite bitchy cheerleader!

Read about Red Band Society [10].

If You Love Sex and the City . . .

You Might Like Manhattan Love Story

If you love watching a dating drama set against the beautiful New York City skyline, give ABC's new comedy a shot. It gives you both male and female perspectives.

Read more about Manhattan Love Story [11].

If You Love Ugly Betty . . .

You Might Like Selfie

It's an image makeover that Selfie's Eliza Dooley (Karen Gillan) needs, whereas Betty Suarez was already beautiful on the inside, but both shows have the same irreverent, topical humor but heartfelt foundation.

Read more about Selfie [12].

If You Love Grimm . . .

You Might Like Constantine

The terrifying monsters Nick hunts down on Grimm could go toe to toe with the supernatural threats on Constantine, who, like Nick, is tasked with defending the earth from creepy creatures.

Read more about Constantine [13].

If You Love How I Met Your Mother . . .

You Might Like A to Z

And not just because of Cristin Milioti. OK, it's partly because of Cristin Milioti, whom we always wished we'd had more time with on HIMYM, and this is finally a whole show that revolves around her character — whose relationship with Mad Men's Ben Feldman is chronicled in the series. See? Told you it wasn't just about Cristin Milioti.

Read more about A to Z [14].

If You Love Elementary . . .

You Might Like Forever

Secrets and a sexy British accent unite both Elementary's Sherlock and Forever's Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) — plus they both work with a beautiful woman to solve crimes.

Read more about Forever [15].

If You Love Suburgatory . . .

You Might Like Black-ish

It's time to meet your new relatable family in the Johnsons, whose patriarch (Anthony Anderson) isn't exactly comfortable in the suburbs.

Read more about Black-ish [16].

If You Love Hart of Dixie . . .

You Might Like Jane the Virgin

Soap-opera drama and supersexy guys to look at? Jane the Virgin is a natural pairing for Hart of Dixie, which manages to be endearing despite its sillier situations — like this show.

Read more about Jane the Virgin [17].

If You Love The Good Wife . . .

You Might Like Madam Secretary

The woman in power at the heart of the show — Téa Leoni is a woman who unexpectedly becomes secretary of state — will remind you of CBS's other strong female lead.

Read more about Madam Secretary [18].

If You Love Top of the Lake . . .

You Might Like Gracepoint

A child mysteriously drowns, throwing a community into paranoia and upheaval. Lots of shows have followed this formula, but Gracepoint looks to be on the same level of quality as the excellent Top of the Lake miniseries.

Read more about Gracepoint [19].

If You Love Homeland . . .

You Might Like State of Affairs

Carrie Matheson isn't the only woman in the political background whose life is an absolute mess — she'd get along nicely with Katherine Heigl [20]'s character, a fellow CIA officer who's also targeting terrorists.

Read more about State of Affairs [21].

If You Love Sherlock . . .

You Might Like Scorpion

Though Sherlock and Watson use skills of deduction and this crew uses sharpened hacking techniques, both teams unravel cases to aid government organizations. Not to mention the similar sense of humor they share.

Read more about Scorpion [22].

If You Love Scandal . . .

You Might Like How to Get Away With Murder

Shonda Rhimes's latest drama has a bloody twist — but more of Rhimes's trademark soapiness — so if you live and die by Scandal, then it's logical that you'd like this, too.

Read more about How to Get Away With Murder [23].

If You Love NCIS . . .

You Might Like NCIS: New Orleans

Obvious, sure, but this is pretty much guaranteed.

Read more about NCIS: New Orleans [24].

If You Love The Millers . . .

You Might Like The McCarthys

Not everyone is into the traditional multicamera format that CBS loves to use, but if you are, then family-focused sitcom The McCarthys is right up your alley.

Read more about The McCarthys [25].

If You Love Weeds . . .

You Might Like Bad Judge

Kate Walsh [26] may have studied Nancy Botwin to play her bad-girl judge Rebecca Wright, who will remind you so much of the Weeds lead that it'll be scary. Though we'd venture to say that Rebecca actually has a heart.

Read more about Bad Judge [27].

If You Love Castle . . .

You Might Like The Mysteries of Laura

While Castle has the one-two punch of a detective/author duo, The Mysteries of Laura focuses on one woman. However, both shows feature case-cracking and comedy at home, not to mention the romantic aspect between exes Laura (Debra Messing [28]) and Jake (Josh Lucas [29]).

Read more about The Mysteries of Laura [30].

If You Like Mike & Molly . . .

You Might Like Cristela

Cristela Alonzo has a similar comedy styling as Melissa McCarthy, and the new series's blue-collar setting will remind you of the CBS hit.

Read more about Cristela [31].

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