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Fall TV Preview: Five Cliffhangers I Can't Wait to See Resolved

Fall TV Preview: Five Cliffhangers I Can't Wait to See Resolved

I've given you the lowdown on the new shows heading to TV this fall, but, of course, a bunch of old favorites are also returning. Some of them left us in the lurch last spring, so today I'm listing off the top five cliffhangers that have me waiting eagerly for the shows to premiere.

5. "House"
One of my few problems with "House" has been that every episode is basically the same, but boy, is that about to change after the season finale that left House without a team. I already got a glimpse of what's coming at the TCA press tour, but I still can't wait to see where the old crew ends up and watch Hugh Laurie act the hell out of his character's search for new help.

4. "Desperate Housewives"
Usually when we talk about "cliffhangers," we're not being literal. But in the case of "Desperate Housewives," the term is a little too close for comfort, as we wrapped up last season with Edie's attempted suicide, among other dark matters (Lynette's cancer diagnosis, etc.) Is Edie really gone? Will she live on as Wisteria Lane's new ghost-narrator? And will the show's new neighbors bring some whimsy along with them?

Three more great cliffhangers, so

3. "Ugly Betty"
Death! Destruction! Questionable paternity! That's where "Betty" left us back in May, with Daniel and Alexis knocked out in a ditch, Santos possibly shot dead, and Henry flying away to be with Charlie, whose baby is not actually his. (And we call this a comedy?) I'm curious to see how the writers get us out of this bleak place while still keeping the show's trademark sense of humor.

2. "Heroes"
The first season of "Heroes" may have ended with an outer-space explosion, but that doesn't mean that we were given closure on everything. I can't wait to find out what's going on with Hiro in ancient Japan, what with all the menacing-looking warriors and such. I also look forward to finding out the answers to some lingering questions. Like, what's up with Sylar? We saw what appeared to be his death in the season finale, but I know we haven't seen the end of that bad boy. Plus, with all this casting news (including Kristen Bell!), I can't wait to check out all the new superheroes. Most importantly, though: What's going to be the new whispered tag line, since "Save the cheerleader, save the world" is kinda done?

1. "The Office"
All I can say about the final few moments of last season's finale: Squee! Will Pam and Jim finally, actually be together? Was it really "a date"? Or will there be yet another twist that keeps the pair apart? Plus, I want to see how Michael reacts to Ryan's promotion to the New York office and how Karen fits into the picture now. There's a lot of ground to cover, so I suppose it's good the season is kicking off with hour-long episodes.

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