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The Fault in Our Stars: All the Scenes That Made Us Sob

Jun 9 2014 - 9:00am

The Fault in Our Stars [1] is finally out, and if you've had a chance to see the movie, we hope you loved it as much as we did. The sad, beautiful story translates well to the big screen, and if there's one thing the movie enhances, it's the amount of tears you cry in the theater. There are so many scenes that brought out sobs, with so many different emotions, so let's all admit how good of a cry it is and start commiserating about which scenes made us cry the most. This is a safe place.

When Hazel Calls Herself a Grenade

. . . And Gus says it would be a privilege to have his heart broken by her. This scene brought out some of the first light, bittersweet tears.

When Gus Tells Hazel He Loves Her

The dinner in Amsterdam is a sweet fantasy scene, but you can feel Hazel's conflict as Gus admits he loves her. Hazel has a single tear, and so did I.

Their First Kiss

Usually a kiss is just the romantic climax of a movie, but this kiss is different. It's satisfying, sure, after we've watched Gus and Hazel fall for each other (and her resistance), but it's cathartic because she's just climbed all those stairs at the Anne Frank house and is taking in the devastation and hope of the setting. These were relief tears.

The Love Scene

More awkward than a usual first time, Gus stresses about Hazel seeing his amputated leg; Hazel can't breathe — but the scene is real and beautiful. It's weird to cry at a sex scene, but again, this is different.

When Gus Tells Hazel His Cancer Is Back

In the last third of the movie, the tone of the film shifts as we have to confront the cancer — specifically Gus's. The happy-go-lucky character has such a positive attitude, so when he tells Hazel his cancer is back — and everywhere — it's devastating.

When Hazel Reads Gus Her Eulogy

Gus's deterioration is awful to watch, especially the scene where he tries to drive himself to buy more cigarettes and Hazel has to come get him. Those are definitely tearjerking, but Fault's best scenes aren't just the ones where people are suffering. That's why I was a mess during Gus's faux funeral — the one he wants to attend so he can hear Hazel and Isaac's eulogies. It's sad, yes, but so moving.

When Gus Dies

This was my 10, as Hazel says. Heart-crushing.

The End

What the book and movie do best is give you a sense of hope without dwelling on death and illness. The final scene communicates that best, as Hazel talks about her relationship with Gus and gives us one final "Okay."

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