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'Fess Up: What TV Shows and Movies Do You Watch Alone?

'Fess Up: What TV Shows & Movies Do You Only Watch Alone?

Earlier this week, my girl Yum asked what you eat when nobody's looking, and it got me wondering about the same question — but applied to the world of entertainment. My sister recently came to visit and chastised me for having a DVR that includes the likes of Greek, and Gossip Girl. I'm not about to let anyone else's opinion prevent me from watching my favorite guilty pleasures, but it's definitely more enjoyable to watch them without her snarky commentary. Other TV shows and movies that I'd be mildly embarrassed to admit to watching include marathons of O.C. repeats as well as a viewing of Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Now it's your turn — what TV shows and movies do you usually watch alone?

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