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First Look: "Dexter" Season 2

First Look: "Dexter" Season 2

Thank goodness the first season of "Dexter" is on iTunes now, because Showtime's gone and reminded me of all the awesomeness I've been missing by releasing a teaser trailer for the second season, which is scheduled to start in September. Tell me: Is there anything creepier than the intense look in Michael C. Hall's eyes as he prepares to plunge a needle into his latest victim's neck? I also love the disconnect between the happy, jaunty music and the dark speech Dexter's giving. When the new season starts, will you be watching? To check out the trailer, and a montage of conflicts between Dexter and Sgt. Doakes — the only person who realizes there's something a little off about Dexter — if you read more

Photo courtesy of Showtime

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