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First Look: "The L Word," Season 5

First Look: "The L Word," Season 5

It was hard to be a fan of "The L Word" during Season Four. Jenny was unwatchable and infuriating, after working so hard to like her for three seasons. There was not nearly enough Alice. And, most of all, the whole thing turned into an ad for the website Showtime was launching in conjunction with the show, Our Chart. That being said, I still watched, engrossed and legitimately caring about the characters. Here's to hoping that Season Five picks it back up again in a good way. The preview gives me hope — Bette and Tina maybe back together, Tasha serving in Iraq on the phone with Alice, Helena in jail — maybe this will be the best season yet. Is anyone else still watching this show? To see the preview and start getting exited for the return of "The L Word" just read more

Photo courtesy of Showtime

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