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First Look: Momma's Boys

First Look: Momma's Boys

So far, most of what Ryan Seacrest has touched has turned to entertainment gold — but will that be the case for Momma's Boys? The Seacrest-produced reality show, which is basically The Bachelor if the guys' moms were in the house, too, starts airing Dec. 16.

From the looks of the first clips, it's going to be a doozy. There's a lot of dramatic "Whose love will reign supreme — the girls . . . or the moms?" narration and scenes with crying moms telling their sons that none of the girls could ever be good enough. There's also one mom who's (um, how to put this delicately?) a little bit racist, and she's definitely not afraid to let her feelings show when the producers let her "catch" her son kissing someone she finds undesirable. Yikes. Besides that, there are just so many awkward scenes, like one where the mom climbs into the pool alongside her son and the girl he's hitting on. It's trainwreck TV at its best — or worst, depending on how you feel about that sort of thing.

Do you think you'll give Momma's Boys a shot? To watch a clip of Seacrest and his mom talking about the show, plus an extended trailer with a lot of footage from the season, just


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