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First Look: Sienna Miller, Steve Buscemi in Interview

I first heard of Interview back in January when the movie screened at Sundance. Now, with a release date of July 13, a trailer has hit the Web and I must say I am completely intrigued. Directed by Steve Buscemi, Interview is a remake of a film by Dutch director Theo Van Gogh and it takes place over the course of one night. Buscemi plays a respected political journalist named Pierre who has been tasked with interviewing a young starlet (Sienna Miller) about whom he knows nothing. The unlikely pair spend an evening interviewing each other.

With that seemingly simplistic setup, I'm impressed with how much palpable tension there already is in just the trailer. Buscemi is utterly guileless for a change, not relying on goofiness but rather adopting a kind of careworn professionalism. For her part, Miller acts in the way she has, in recent months, been painted to be in tabloid stories: egotistic, immature, and in love with her own "career" even though it doesn't appear to have much substance yet. The combination is really quite fascinating. You can watch the trailer and tell me if you agree if you

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