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Five Questions For Gossip Girl Before Season Three

Five Questions For Gossip Girl

It's Summer, and that means it's time for my Five Questions series, where I reflect on the most recent seasons of some favorite shows and chat about their challenges for the future. Today, I'm posing some questions for Gossip Girl, which will start its third season in the Fall.

  1. How will college change things? Not that we ever really saw these characters in class that often (I suppose you could say Dan had the most teacher interaction — wink, wink). For now, they're kind of spread out (Serena's going to Brown, Blair and Dan are off to NYU, etc.) but I have a feeling the writers will figure out a way to get them all onto one campus again. In the meantime, I can't wait to see Georgina and Blair room together. That ought to be good.
  2. Who's Gossip Girl? We came very close to finding out the identity of Gossip Girl in the season's final episode (if only those Upper East Side teens had read geeksugar's tech tips, we definitely would have known). Do we ever need to find out? Will you be sad if you never do? And how exactly is Gossip Girl going to keep a watch on everyone in all their different colleges?
  3. I've got three more questions if you


  4. What about Little J? With everyone off to college, who will be Jenny's new role model? Will she be the reigning queen bee from here on out? Is there enough time, space, and interest in each episode to follow Jenny through her final years in high school?
  5. Will Blair and Dan get together? OK, but seriously: Are there any pairings left to explore? Practically everyone has hooked up but those two.Well, and Serena and Chuck, but they're sort of related right now and that would be a little icky . . . kind of like that time Dan and Serena were almost step-siblings. Seriously, though, where can the romance go from here?
  6. Will mysterious family members finally make their entrance and destroy lives? Will we meet Serena's elusive father? The introduction of a paternal figure who is supposedly evil has a lot of potential . . . or could be a subplot rushed through in an episode or two and then forgotten (hey, remember Dan and Jenny's mom? She seemed nice). And what about that half-brother of Serena and Dan lurking out there? Will he stop his coffee-shop stalking and make his presence known?

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