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Five Questions for House

The onset of Summer also means the return of my Five Questions series, in which I take a look back at the most recent seasons of some favorite TV shows and pose some hypothetical questions about their future. Today's questions are for House, which will start its fifth season in the Fall.

  1. Can House's bromance with Wilson ever be repaired? After the chilling season finale, it seemed like House and Wilson might never speak again — a pretty stunning twist for a relationship that was built on stealing each other's food and drugging each other's coffee. Their jokey friendship has provided great comic relief over the last four years, and I'm curious to see if the writers choose to drag them out of this dark place.
  2. And what about romance? Aside from that one fantasy sequence with House picturing Cuddy in a schoolgirl uniform, the sexual tension between those two characters largely took a backseat last season. House seemed to get closest to Cate, Mira Sorvino's character from the Super Bowl episode, but presumably she's back on frozen tundra somewhere. And while House had his typical good-natured flirting with Thirteen, it never led to anything. Will Cuddy or Cameron be back in the picture next year? Will there be another woman for House? Or is his romantic life not of much interest at this point?
  3. Three more questions, so


  4. Will we get to know the new team better? The scenes in the season finale — Thirteen testing positive for Huntington's Disease, Taub crawling into bed with his wife, and Kutner hanging out on his couch alone — revealed more about the three new team members than the entire season up to that point. As much as I enjoyed House's Survivor-style competition to find new fellows in the early part of the season, the team never really came together. Now, it seems more clear that the actors are sticking around for good, and I hope we can get inside their heads a little more as a result.
  5. And what will become of the old team? While I agree that the show needed a shake-up, the way Chase and Cameron — and Foreman, to a lesser extent — were used this season seemed largely like a waste. Viewers spent three years getting to know them, so it was tough seeing them get just a few lines in surgery or the ER every week. I'd love to see them be integrated with the rest of the cast a little better — but would that make the show feel too unwieldy?
  6. How long can House go on? The writers seemed to know that the patient-a-week formula couldn't last forever; that's why the new team came in at the start of season four. So what happens now? Do we repeat seasons one through three with the new team in place? Or will the writers take the show in new and unanticipated directions?

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