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Five Questions for "Lost"

Five Questions for "Lost"

This summer, I'm looking back at the most recent seasons of some of my favorite shows and posing a few hypothetical questions about their future in this feature, Five Questions. Today's questions are for "Lost," which may require several of these "Five Questions" editions — not just because I have more like a billion questions, but also because the darn season doesn't start up until early next year.

  1. Will this season be completely awesome or totally suck? The '06-'07 season of "Lost" was one of extremes: The fall episodes sucked, the unbelievably long hiatus royally ticked us off, and then when they came back with the rest of the season's episodes in the spring, the show pretty much rocked. I have faith in you "Lost," but I feel like I've been burned, too. Proceeding cautiously, I await (and wait and wait until '08) your next trick.
  2. Juliet: Good? Evil? Good? Evil? Love her or hate her, Juliet has gathered many viewers into her possibly evil clutches. Some think she's just doing what she needs to do to survive, having seen that softer side of Juliet in the flashbacks. But if she's actually nice deep down, how can she be so cold sometimes? Shudder. I don't trust that Juliet further than I can throw her, which isn't far because she lives in my TV and that's really heavy. I'll be interested to see what she does next — and why. This question can also be applied to Naomi, the Power Ranger who fell from the sky.
  3. Three more questions, so

  4. Who — or what — is Jacob? A man? A ghost? A figment of Ben's imagination that Locke just thought he heard? He obviously has a special power over the Others, and he appears to be a kind of God figure to them. But does he even exist for real? This is one question that, while it has piqued my curiosity, I'd almost (almost!) rather not learn the answer to, if it means really seeing Jacob. It would be like meeting the Wizard of Oz.
  5. What's going to happen to Sun and her baby? This is a crucial question that has me very anxious. There are many possibilities and most of them are awful. Maybe she'll live but the baby will die. Or the baby will live and Sun will die. Or it will turn out that Jin's superhero semen has caused her to give birth to ten babies, and they'll start a new colony all their own. Whatever it is, I can't wait to see because I think Sun is my favorite character.
  6. Who's going to die next? With just three seasons left of "Lost," I can't imagine they have any qualms about killing off at least one fairly central character per season. Any guesses about next season's victim?

There isn't enough room in the blogosphere to write up all the questions I have about this show! Like, what's up with Mikhail (Patchy) and Locke's ability to cheat death when not all the characters have that ability? What's up with Desmond now? And Penny? How old is Walt, exactly? Is Kate pregnant with Sawyer's baby? If she gives birth, will Sawyer tell his infant to "cowboy up"? So few answers. What are your "Lost" questions?

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