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FlashForward Episode, "Scary Monsters and Super Creeps"

FlashForward Breakdown, "Scary Monsters and Super Creeps"

FlashForward gets into the Halloween spirit this week, with a few tricks for the characters and treats for the audience. We get just a bit more info about Simon and see a few costumes as Olivia and Mark's relationship issues come to a head in a big way.

This week's episode is heavy on the revelations (just like Sonya Walger promised), so to get into it, just


Simon says: Within the first few minutes of the episode, one thing is abundantly clear: Simon is not Charlie from Lost. Instead, he's a smooth-talking, self-proclaimed "quantum physicist genius", who actually gets a woman into bed using the line "I know what caused the FlashForward." The scary part is that he actually does — and in his own vision, he's murdering someone. Totally creepy.

Trick or treat: Mark takes Charlie out trick-or-treating, and has an unpleasant surprise waiting when he gets home. He's understandably uncomfortable having Lloyd in his house, and things hit the fan when Olivia gets home and all three realize what's going on at the exact same time. I was so happy when Mark finally tells Olivia the truth about his vision (was totally expecting him to lie again), but then Olivia insinuates that they should break up — which seems a bit random to me. They're finally making progress and now they're going to throw it all away?

Runaway rapper: Lloyd's son Dylan runs away from the hospital in his rapper costume), and heads to the Benford residence. It's baffling when Dylan runs past Nicole and makes himself comfortable, until we finally see the kid's flashforward: he and Charlie are hanging out in the kitchen, eating cookies and having a grand old time. (So much for my kidnapping theory). So here's where I'm confused: Charlie looks perfectly happy to be hanging out with Dylan in her vision, so where did she get the "D. Gibbons is a bad man" idea from?

Janis's body: Janis is admitted to the hospital after last week's shoot-out, and Olivia is her doctor, naturally. My heart jumped for a split second when Janis pretends that she doesn't recognize Olivia (would be an all-too-easy explanation of her vision). Thinking about her flash-forward gets Janis all stressed out, and she has to undergo another surgery — this time, part of her uterus is removed, making it "almost impossible" for her to get pregnant. Almost.

Other major plot points:

  • Simon brings up the Schrödinger's Cat theory, discussing that it's up to the cat to decide if it wants to live or die. Is this foreshadowing for the flash-forwards? Perhaps each character can decide for him- or herself whether or not to make it happen?
  • Demetri sets off in search of his attacker, follows a bunch of blue-hand signs to an abandoned warehouse. I'm starting to get a little bored of his storyline.
  • Lloyd and Simon reunite at the end of the episode, with Lloyd saying, "Our experiment killed 20 million people Simon, what more is there to say?" What's do you think the relationship is here? Brothers? Old buddies? Lab partners?
  • The kangaroo makes an appearance!
  • This episode was one of my favorites so far, but what did you guys think about all the new revelations? Tell me your theories in the comments below!

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