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"Friday Night Lights" Recap: Episode 19, "Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes"

"Friday Night Lights" Recap: Episode 19, "Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes"

If "Friday Night Lights" is going down this season, it won't be without a fight. After a couple of weeks off, the show came back with big moments for all of the characters: Jason hearing about his future with quad rugby, Lyla facing her dad's infidelity, Julie finding out her family might be moving, Smash getting serious about Waverly's troubles, Tyra deciding she can break her family's mold. It was good stuff, and some of it had me sobbing like that girl from "American Idol." For the rundown,

Julie overhears her parents talking about Austin and informs them that if they’re moving, she won't be going with them, nor will she be attending the school's father-daughter dance. Meanwhile, Jason finds out he hasn’t made the quad rugby team because, as Herc tells him, he's not yet comfortable being in a chair. (Herc: "It's a championship, QB, not therapy.") Conveniently, Susie-the-tattoo-girl has to drop off a fridge near Dillon and offers Jason a ride home. Of course, the two end up pulling off the road at some sort of alternate Stonehenge and making out.

Tami kicks off her Great Tyra Project by presenting Tyra with a list of classes and tutoring sessions that will prepare her for junior college. Tyra's mom doesn't see why Tyra needs to be "turned around," and when Tyra goes to a tutoring session at the Taylors', her mom pulls her away, saying college isn’t in the cards. Waverly, meanwhile, tells Smash what we’d basically already figured out: She's bipolar.

Buddy decides to make a family photo album as a take-me-back gift for Pam, and when Lyla seems skeptical, Buddy assures her that even though what he did was wrong, it was only one mistake. Riggins, meanwhile, sees the neighbor boy being shoved around by bigger kids and teaches him to fight, much to the dismay of his pacifist mom, who thinks the bullies will just go away. Riggins points out that, as a former bully, he knows that's not true, and Jackie ends up inviting Riggins in. After putting Bo to bed, Riggins moves in for a kiss, but Jackie pushes him away.

Lyla shows up at Jason's, asking why he hasn't called. He tells her he didn't make the team, and she wonders how he got home. He tells her Susie gave him a ride but "nothing happened," which is the surest way to say that something happened. Lyla asks him to tell her honestly if he wants to be engaged, and he says he doesn't know.

Jason ends up trying to buy beer, but he's stuck with no ID, until Riggins arrives and buys it for him. In the parking lot, they spot Smash and Matt, and the four of them end up at the football field. Smash and Tim talk about their girl problems, and Matt says he's worried he can't take the Panthers any further. Jason starts coaching him, and I turn into a weepy puddle.

Julie agrees to go to the dance for one song, which gives Coach enough time to apologize for being insensitive. He reminds her that she's 15, and she's not in charge of telling the family where to live, but she should have her opinions heard. Her opinions boil down to the fact that when she heard they were going to Dillon she wanted to vomit, but then she met Matt and she was finally home. Tyra, meanwhile, tells her mom to stop acting weird: She wants to go to college, and she needs her support. Her mom whirls the car around toward the school, where they dance among the dads and daughters.

Buddy tries to give the album to Pam, and she informs him that a lifetime of infidelity doesn't get erased with a scrapbook. Lyla realizes that the whole "one mistake" thing was a lie and smashes up a bunch of cars at Buddy’s dealership. Riggins and Jason reaffirm their friendship while watching Smash and Matt sleep on the field (Riggins: "That is so 'Brokeback.'"). Riggins makes out with Jackie. And Coach tells TMU that his family needs some time to decide.


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