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Friday Night Lights Recap: Episode Four, "Hello, Goodbye"

Friday Night Lights Rundown: Episode Four, "Hello, Goodbye"

On this week's Friday Night Lights, Smash prepares for his Texas A&M tryout while still doubting that college is in his future. Tami and Coach continue to be the awesomest couple of all time while advising each other on matters of quarterbacks and jumbotrons. And bad news rides into town on a bucking bronco, sweeping Tyra up in its wake. Ready to talk about one of my favorite FNL episodes of all time? Just


This episode is FNL's farewell to Smash, and I'm so happy he got a story that did right by him. After his elation a couple of weeks back at getting a tryout, he's started to sour on the idea of college as a real possibility — especially once he finds out that the man who OK'd his tryout is a front office guy, not a coach. But what follows once Coach and Smash arrive at A&M is FNL at its finest: Mitch tries to reschedule the tryout, but Coach marches onto the field and tells the head coach that he won't want to be the man who passed on Smash Williams. "He's got more heart and guts than any kid I ever coached," he says, then spins right around and tells Smash that he's always known he could go all the way. What happens next is that Smash totally owns that field (or at least that's what it looked like through the veil of my tears). But oh, the heartwrenching moments don't stop there. We see Smash get the phone call that he's in, smiling at his mama, embracing his whole family. We see him thanking Coach, who yells at him not to skip any classes. And we see the guys one more time on the Panthers' field, Riggins cracking a beer, Smash going in for a score.

Meanwhile, after Tami's little dig last week that she couldn't wait to meet the principal's husband, we finally do — but not before a hearty dose of the Coach's wife. Eric's torn up about what to do at quarterback and pours it all out to Tami over "a scotch-flavored drink." Then Tami — who's already failed to chat up a board member — gets the same treatment, as Eric reassures her that of course the jumbotron battle was worth fighting. In the end, television's most perfect marriage leads to two awesome compromises: Eric will use both Matt and JD, and Tami dedicates the jumbotron while volunteering Buddy's services for the annual PTA auction.

Over in the Department of Bad Decisions, we have Tyra, who ditches poor wisdom-tooth-less Landry in favor of hanging out with Cash, the rodeo star with his "cowboy candy." And maybe it would have been better if she'd just been honest with Landry, but instead they have a massive, public blowout, where he points out that nothing's changed since they broke up ("you still hold my hand") and she finally snaps, "I'm choosing him!" Cash, with his pickup truck and his cowboy hat and all the things Landry thinks are beneath him — that's what she wants right now, for better or worse.

In other news:

  • Shelby tries acting like part of Matt's family, which Matt points out in no uncertain terms that she's not. But she also does seem like she genuinely wants to help.
  • Drugged and sleepy Landry confessing his love for Tyra made me chuckle — as did his mom hanging up the phone for him.
  • A little moment that broke my heart: Grandma Saracen wondering who that JD McCoy is that everyone's talking about on TV.
  • Tami is quite the aggressive power-walker.

Anyone still crying about Smash's goodbye? Angry at Tyra for choosing the easiest path? Ready to see Jason again?

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