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Friday Night Lights Recap: Season Three, Episode Two, "Tami Knows Best"

Friday Night Lights Rundown: Episode Two, "Tami Knows Best"

On this week's Friday Night Lights, Tami and Tyra both make some questionable leadership decisions, Lyla tries to make Riggins seem legit, and Matt takes some big steps to help his grandma. And that's really just the beginning, so to talk about this episode, just


First of all: Lyla and Tim, sitting in a . . . bed, k-i-s-s-i-n-g — until Billy tells them Tim's gotten a letter of interest from a college. Lyla immediately springs into action, leaving shirtless Riggs behind (I know!) to type up a response. The two of them are as different as can be, but it's maybe over the college issue that their paths diverge the most. So it's a shame that, just when Riggins is starting to realize that maybe college can happen, Buddy shoots him down, thus a.) proving Buddy's point and b.) embarrassing him in front of Joe McCoy. Riggins actually took their dinner date seriously; he's even got questions prepared (Lyla: "I didn't know you Googled!"). But one nasty comment from Buddy, and he's back to his inarticulate, underachieving self, making a mess of his opportunity and ordering raw pigeon.

Matt, meanwhile, is back in his familiar position of being part adult, part child: Grandma isn't taking her pills, but Matt can't legally be in charge of her because she's legally in charge of him. The list of options is entirely bad (put Grandma in a home, etc.), but Matt has to choose one. So he borrows Landry's car and drives off to find his mom for the first time in years. It's amazing to watch the two of them together; the look of utter disgust on Matt's face when his mom asks where his dad is gave me chills. But she signs the papers, and so Matt's now an emancipated minor, though it's not a free pass to smoke and rent cars like Julie joked; it's just another big responsibility for him to take on.

Tyra and Tami are basically bad decision central this week, as Tami naively talks to a reporter about the jumbotron and Tyra bares her belly to win class president ("Nobody here is getting laid if you let Jenny here have our prom in the gym"). Both moves backfire: Tami gets a nasty article in the paper, and Tyra loses Tami's respect. Of the two, it seems like Tami's got a bigger hole to climb out of: She's got Buddy on her case, calling meetings and muttering about how sorry he is that it's come to this. I do think Tami's going about this all wrong, but does she deserve to face the wrath of Buddy?

Some other thoughts:

  • If anyone ever doubted that Coach Eric Taylor is a miracle worker, witness this: He manages to get the entire team — including Tim Riggins — to practice on a Saturday night, all for the sake of Smash. And it looks like it's going to pay off: Smash feels like a Panther again, and now he's got a real shot at college ball. (That look on Eric's face when he closes the door and the Williams family breaks down into ecstatic screams? Yeah, tears.)
  • I love the use of "jumbotron" as a unit of measure, as in Eric's "There's a difference between teeny-tiny and jumbotron."
  • Also, Landry's suggested slogan for Tyra's campaign: "Vote Tyra and Get Action."
  • I'm glad the writers didn't make Lyla freak out over Tim watching TV pantsless with Tyra. We all know Riggins better than that by now.

Is there any way for Tami to win a battle of wills against Buddy Garrity? Could Tim actually end up in college? How much is your heart breaking for Matt? Discuss!

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