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Frozen Is the New Black: Elsa Heads to Prison and It's Ridiculous

Jul 9 2014 - 8:32am

Since we cannot get enough of Orange Is the New Black [1] and no one can get enough of Frozen [2], it's only fitting that someone made a cartoon melding them together. Yes, on the heels of the Disney-princesses-as-OITNB-characters posters [3] comes "Frozen Is the New Black," starring — you guessed it — Disney princesses as OITNB's inmates. Elsa is Piper, Merida is Red, Snow White is Morello, and so on. It's pretty funny and kind of captures OITNB in a real way, Rilo Kiley music and all. Plus, it's worth watching to see Gaston as Pornstache.

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