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Game of Thrones returns on April 1, and we can't wait! The show is based on a fantasy book series, but even if you're not usually into that type of genre, there's plenty to love. In this week's episode of The Buzz, Shannon Vestal and Becky Kirsch make their case for why it's so good, if you're not following the series already — and if you are a fan, watch our video to get geared up for season two!

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In this week's episode of The Buzz, we're telling you why Game of Thrones isn't just for nerds. Even if you're not into fantasy series, you're going to like this show. It has an epic story, romance, and suspenseful twists everyone's talking about it, so we're going to tell you why it's so good, and if you're already a fan we're going to get you geared up for season two. Hi I'm Becky Kirsch.And I'm Shannon Vestal.We're the editors of Buzz Sugar by day and Game of Thrones fans by night. The show is coming back to HBO on April first, and this show does have sort of a fan boy reputation because it's based on fantasy book series, and it might not sound like something you're in to but I'm hooked, Becky's hooked, and we've even noticed references to this show pop up on other TV shows. It's from game of thrones what do you think sword. That is so Game of Thrones. What is wrong with you today? Did they cancel Game of Thrones? So I know before the show premiered, Becky, you were not that excited about it No, I wasn't. The trailers just didn't really hook me. It seemed kind of inaccessible because these books are so beloved. It has such a strong fan and like I was worried that I was gonna get, you know, totally lost. But I figured I'd give it one episode. And so, a few things did go over my head. gonna lie. But it ends on this extreme cliffhanger and I just knew I was hooked from that point on. Right. And you talked about it so much that whole season that I knew I didn't want to miss out and I had to check it out too and even though I was intimidated by it at first too, I ended up getting hooked as well and I think we both found it watchable for a lot of reasons. Well, you know, that's like an interesting thing about this is that fantasy fans can enjoy it but I think people that are not into the fantasy genre can really love it too I mean the closest thing I can compare to is Lord of the Rings. I think a lot of people see this and immediately think of Lord of the Rings. So if you love Lord of the Rings you might like this too. I mean it kind of has a similar feel. It's got the same medieval thing going on, but on the other hand, if you're turned off by Lord of the Rings, there's a lot of things that are different. There's no hobbits, there's not as many creatures, there's a lot more characters really a story about power between these different families and kind of how they're all trying to get it and, you know, as that breaks downs throughout the characters, you just have all these really awesome different stories And for me, I feel like it's like watching a movie every week. It has such high production values, these amazing sets, these really cool costumes, and I feel like anyone can really appreciate that kind of production value definitely, you know, I starting reading the book after I watched the first season and I have to say, I just get a lot more out of watching the show because it's so visually stunning, it's really great to, you know, put to all these different characters 'cause there is a lot going on. So, that aspect of it is really cool. And I'm not reading the book, nor do I really have plans to read the book 'cause I'm not into the fantasy genre, and that's what's great. Even though I'm not into that kind of book I do really like this kind of show. Another thing that I really love about it this show is the great characters, and I think that's a huge draw, there really well developed, it's this huge ensemble and the acting is also really great, and Peter Dinklage has already been recognized for his work with an Emmy. Sure I mean the whole cast is phenomenal you know like we said there's all these different families, so you know that means children, and child actors let's face it are not always the most enjoyable actors but on this they're all really great. And sometimes the kids are more interesting to me than the adults. Yeah. Another great reason to watch this show, especially if you watch a lot of shows that tired of where there's not a lot happening and you have to wait for things to happen.That's not Game of Thrones. It's totally unpredictable, and you literally don't know who's going to get killed off next. and sure, I feel like a real turning point in the fandom of this show happened when one of the main characters was axed, like, literally head chopped off. And people we were so shocked because, you know, that doesn't usually happen in the first season, so there was definitely big risks being taken here. That's right and I'm glad that you brought up the beheading because one of the things that really turned me off about this show, and I think a lot of people have the same problem, is that it's gory. And while it is true that it is very gory, I have to close my eyes a lot of the times. I still think the show is so good that it's worth it. And there's a lot of other elements to get caught up in that I think, like I said, really make it worth it to watch. for me, one of those things is, there's romance, so there's things for the ladies, if that's what you're looking for. Well and you know, it goes along with that, is there's a lot of sex scenes. There is a lot of sex scenes, and because it's on HBO The show can really do anything and they do anything, they do everything. It gets pretty graphic. Which is like, maybe why you shouldn't watch it with your parents right away, which is the mistake that I made. It made for, you know, an awkward post show recap when we talked about it you know. I went to the bathroom a lot of times during that episode. And not all of the intimacy on this show is so graphic. A little bit is very sweet. There's actually a relationship that I wasn't expecting to be into. You have this kind of girl power character, the heroine of the show, Daenerys Targaryen, and her warrior husband, Khal Drogo and this is something started out as an arranged marriage. So, it felt like a political story line and it ended up actually being a romantic story line, which for me is the kind of things I do wanna watch. I wanna watch those relationships play out on TV. So, I really love that. Me too. You know, that's not the only thing that's for the ladies. There are some good looking dudes on this show. You know, you've got Rob Stark and Jon Snow who are half brothers and not bad to look at, I will say that No, I have this hugest crush on John Snow, not just because he's eye candy, but also because he's this great character who's an outsider but he's also this very he has a lot of integrity, he's very loyal, and he can rock a fur like you wouldn't believe. And he's a master swordsman, I mean who doesn't want that? He's also one of the more loyal characters on the show which is rare because the moral code on most people is a little ambiguous, but you know, another great character is Peter Dinklage's character, Tyrion Lannister, who injects a little bit of humor into for a show that's otherwise can be pretty dry. That's right he does and I think, not only is he funny, sometimes he kind of acts as the voice of the audience, like there is a teenage villain character who, it's so fun to hate him but Terion [sp] is the one who slaps him around. Literally, slaps him in the face a bunch of times, which is how we all feel watching the show. Right. And it's one of those things that brings some lighter moments to Game of Thrones because I think a lot of people think that this is going to be a very dark, very dramatic show which it is most of the time. But you should also know that it's not always that dark. So you've got sex, you've got humor, you've got eye candy, you've got peoples heads falling off, but if you're still not convinced, another great thing, there's only 10 episodes of this show, so you can catch up super fast. Right and you still time before season two starts so you can catch up on the DVD's of Season One. I think you can get the reruns on HBO. Yeah, and for everyone else the season premiere is on on April 1st. So hurry up 'cause winter's coming. That's right. Thanks for watching The Buzz.

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