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Get Ready to Drink Up More True Blood, Literally

Anna Paquin celebrated her 27th birthday with her fellow True Blood costars at Comic-Con yesterday. The panel started off on an exciting note when Alan Ball announced that the official True Blood drink (it'll be "blood orange" soda) was a go, and the fun continued from there. It was interesting to see the scariness of the show combined with the cast's funny anecdotes about fang malfunctions, and it was even more exciting to see the very real chemistry between Anna and Stephen Moyer. We were treated to a sneak peek at the second half of season two — check out the video here — along with lots of fun tidbits from the cast, producers, and author of the True Blood books, Charlaine Harris. Here are some highlights:

  • First of all, Stephen Moyer is even hotter in real life than he is on the show. The British accent doesn't hurt either.
  • Harris has signed a contract to write three more books in the True Blood series, which means a lot more material for the show!
  • It sounds like the Eric-Sookie-Bill love triangle is going to come to a head. One perceptive fan even noted that in the sneak preview it looks like Sookie is sharing a bed with a certain blond someone. . . .
  • Anna on playing Sookie: "She's stronger. She's tougher. She's been through a lot. Unfortunately, she still gets herself in situations where she's likely to be killed, which is why it's good she has a vampire boyfriend. As far as how I play it, I just try to imagine what it would be like to go through what she went through."
  • According to Alan Ball, confirmation on season three is likely to be announced soon! Ball also hinted at what we can expect to see, including werewolves and a closer look inside the world of the Mississippi vampires.
  • The Comic-Con panel wouldn't have been complete without a Twilight mention. When one fan asked whether or not we can expect a half-vampire, half-human baby, Alan Ball scoffed, "On our show, vampires are either full-out vampires, or they're not vampires." Well played.
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